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  1. Hello everyone,

    to that someone who approved me, thanks a lot.
    My real name is elijah, you can call me that, obviously the reason behind my username MyGodisYahweh is because that is the meaning of my name(Eli-MyGod, Jah-YHWH)

    i joined here for 3 things
    *to ask questions, to know more about others' perspectives
    *to answer questions, to share my very own view and interpretation of Bible verses
    *to know more about Christianity

    More about me, as for a favorite preacher, apart from Yeshua of course, my favorite is Joseph Prince. and i doubt i am the only one here, i wish to post threads about Prince's uhh intriguing topics, there is a lot i swear.
    as for favorite color, i don't think this is of importance but i'm saying this anyway, is red--blood.
    as for favorite number is 17, the number of victory.

    and i expect to have fun in this forum, i really do, prior before my registration i already read alot of your conversations and there's this voice inside my head that says i wish i could reply and now i could.

    thanks again and God bless us.
  2. Hello and welcome
  3. Hi. Welcome! Can you post one of princes videos here
  4. :cautious: why?
  5. Welcome! You certainly will have fun.. There is no question!!

    We have had some previous members who liked Joseph Prince.. It might trigger some heat.. There are lot of friendly people in this website.. Welcome and have a good time!
  6. I'm not sure if I've heard of him. Since I'm on the road thought it would be easier to see video here then me googling
  7. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/JosephPrinceVideoPodcast/~3/xeB6Ij8nlJA/JPM_001.mp4
    here you go :)

    i certainly will, thanks sir, and for everyone, thanks :)
  8. we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you
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  9. Welcome to CFS! Glad you joined us here!! :)
  10. Welcome, Mygodisyahweh!

  11. Shalom & Welcome Mishpochah
  12. Hi and welcome to CFS.

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