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  1. Ill PM you the understanding of your dream... give me a little while to consider the rest of it and may have some more questions:)
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  2. Funny. I sorta get what you're trying to say. It made me laugh.
  3. Lets just do it on this thread...was this church a "Pentecostal" church?
  4. I'm sorry for the late reply. I can't stop laughing!!! You are SO AWESOME! No. It was not a Pentecostal Church. It was a place that my Dad rented (we planned to buy but we couldn't afford it) that everyone was welcome, anyone who wish to learn about the Bible, it was a small place for fellow Christians to gather and worship.
  5. It sounds as if the Lord has given you what you need already? Which is fine with me:D
  6. I quit smoking 4 years ago and I can't have cats because my honey is allergic. :-(
  7. Congratz on stop smoking!!! and you know what to do now if you need to cash in on any insurance policies. Your the blessed!!!

  8. Who is "honey" your dog?:)
  9. That is good! :) "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." John 3:6. You can always know what is of the Spirit and what is not... :)

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