Draft Day - Movie Review

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  1. This movie was awesome and I would recommend it for all American football lovers, even if it is centered around the Cleveland Browns and has Kevin Costner as the lead role ;). The movie starts with 12 hours until the NFL draft begins and gives the viewer some pretty good insight as to what goes on during the day and during the draft on draft day. Personally I think this is just a small snip-it of what goes on that day, I imagine it to be much more hectic. The acting was above average and being a football movie centered around the draft there was little to zero sexual parts/situations. It had some funny moments throughout with very little foul language, up until the end where the climax starts to build.

    Overall it was a great movie and a good change of pace from some of the filth coming from Hollywood recently.
  2. Thanks for the reminder!

    I was excited when I saw the trailer, and didn't even realize it's out now.
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  3. Better or worse than Rudy?
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  4. I haven't seen Rudy in a long time. I can say that it's not nearly as drawn out as Rudy.
  5. I might check that one out today.

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