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  1. I am a minister in Southeast Mo. I travel to teach the Word, when I am not on the road I attend and teach at First Baptist. I am director of First Works Ministries and Chaplain of Lake Creek Youth Camp. I beleive we need to do the first works,(walk in love and more so as we see that day approaching).
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  2. Welcome to CFS, Dr. Jason!

  3. Welcome!
    Grace and peace be yours in abundance!
  4. Welcome to CFS! Great to have you aboard!
  5. Welcome Dr Jason,
    Well south east would put you closer to the rivers. Woo Hoo!! ;) Sorry but I sure do enjoy those big beautiful blue cats.
    Any way welcome and I hope and pray that you will find time to fellowship in here and allow the Blerssing of the Lord to flow.
    God Bless

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