Down The Road

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  1. Down The Road

    Psalm 23 : 1-3 …… 1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
    2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
    he leads me beside quiet waters,

    3 he restores my soul.
    He guides me in paths of righteousness
    for his name's sake

    How many times have we read these verses in our times of trouble - in our times of dismay – in our times of need – and in our times of discouragement ? If we did not have the Psalms to comfort us and draw us closer to God , I wonder where we would be .

    Consider how and why the psalms were written . David went through a multitude of trials and in the midst of all his trials he wrote the psalms so that when we are going though our trials we can turn to the psalms for comfort .

    David throughout his life’s journey was cheated on and also was a fugitive for many years with no body but God to cry out to .

    God desires the same for us as well - not to run to psychiatrists , psychologists , councilors, friends; but to run to Him first and foremost . I am not saying these people are not helpful , only that we put God first and He will direct our paths to these other helps .

    If we remember the psalms were written specifically by people who were greatly suffering , that in itself will bring understanding and hope to our situations . David’s relationship with God became the basis for him writing the psalms .

    However , when people go through prolonged periods of trials , it can either turn them from God or draw them closer to God . We must ultimately make that decision .

    We do not know the reasons for all our suffering but we do know we have a God who draws close to us as we praise and honour Him in the midst of our storm . When we embrace God instead of medication “ down the road”: it will be worth it all

    The upside to our trials is , God wants us to minister to others who are going through the same things as us . We might be that ray of hope , flowing into others lives to help them to know that Jesus really cares about them .

    God prepares us when we are having rough times because it is actually preparing us to help friends “ down the road” who need serious ministry . These are people who need a hug and prayers and understanding , letting them know that you have been there and that you really do understand.

  2. he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul.

    The Living Water refreshes and restores me like nothing and no one else can
  3. Amen ....

    He leadeth me beside the still waters = That's Refreshment!

  4. That's really true, Dusty. I've been through a lot in my quarter-century, and it's been God that I've turned to for all that. I also think that my ministry will be helping those who are going through some of the things I experienced. It's so interesting that God makes even our painful lessons not only helpful to us for learning, but useful to Him for showing others the path to God. I get to have a real basis to point to and show people that, although bitterness is the most likely result of a life like this lived the world's way, I have the Holy Spirit as a comforter. As a result, I can talk to others about what I've experienced and feel better and better as I do so.

    Also, I've been feeling the call to be a "[wo]man after God's own heart" with psalms. That's partly why I started my blog (linked below). The psalms are so personal that you can feel David's relationship with God developing. He talks to God directly in those psalms, and when we read those things that he went through while we're going through similar troubles, it feels so real. I'm thankful that David had kind of closeness with God and that he could share it with us. It's helpful to know that hundreds of years ago people went through the same things we're experiencing now. Kinda comforting, you know?
  5. I would agree Dusty . i'm pretty sure God destroyed every part of my old self so i could rise up walk with Him and not get in His way ;)
  6. Thank you naturallinguist...... I will check out your blog for sure later . I too find the psalms so comforting and I have heard people say .... oh but that's old testament .... But I respond by saying and the old and new compliment each other . If we did not have all the stories to relate to how could we have the new which points to Christ.

    Yes it is amazing that actually thousands of years ago men and women went through the same trials and tribulations that we go through today . That's why we need to comfort others who are going through what we have already gone through .
  7. But let me share something with you. Don't let the actions of others prevent you from letting all who will hear your testimony of how God has brought you through something, blessed you, Delivered you, etc. God allowed all of us and brought us through what we went through to help others who are going through the same thing. Both Christians and non-Christians needs to know that God is a provider; He is a healer; He is a way maker out of no way; He is our refuge in time of need; He answers the prayers of those who believe. Shout it with Joy that God has brought you out of your trial or tribulation. It may bring someone to Christ or back to Christ.
  8. naturallinguist .... I checked out your blog .... Very nice and informative and personal . I like that,.
  9. Amen! He's all that and more!

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