Doubt. Rise Up!

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  1. Did you know that once God rebuked Moses for praying? "Why are you crying out? Tell the Israelis to move on'" (Exodus 14:15). Moses had already prayed-now came the time for action. Now you have prayed, rise up and face the mountain of difficulty that looms before you and command it in the name of Jesus to move right out of your way. And it will.

    Most christians are afflicted with doubt. Doubt is not the problem; it is how we respond to it. that determines whether it will be an obstacle or opportunity. Dont repress your doubts, but ackowledge them and bring them to Jesus. Face them in confidence and they can be used as stepping stones to a deeper awareness of God.

    With faith we can move mountains.:)

  2. That was uplifting.
  3. Im glad that was uplifting for you. I own a bible im not too sure if its KJV as the cover and first couple of pages are missing but i remember it was written by scholars back in the 70's or 80s. Its my favorite bible. Every couple of verses the scholars put in explanations of what the verse means. At times i am stuck at what its all about then i just need to read their meanings and i get it.

    I'll put up some more when i can as there are some great teachings from them.

    Wonder if any reader knows what this bible is named so i can go buy a new one this one i own is practically falling to bits.
  4. My mom would love you. She is always talking about how it says in the bible, "God helps those who help themselves." I had to kindly point out that is actually nowhere in the bible, but I'm sure God feels that way at times. He points us in the right direction then gives us the free will to decide if we want to go down the right path or the path of destruction.
  5. Mums know best.:) I would think if you are going to sit around and wait for something to happen, nothing is going to happen! Kinda like the fool that goes and buys a lotto ticket to get themselves out of poverty and wonder why God did not make their ticket the winner? Well hello you work hard don't be lazy believe that God is for you not against and something might happen for the good.

    Maybe your mum was trying to tell you something? Rise up!

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