Double, and now triple posts?

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  1. Just got an alert that my post on the "Blessing of God's Creating Birds" thread was first a double and then a triple post. So was deleted which I understand but not sure what is happening when I post. I have noticed that some of my posts have been showing up twice but never three times before. Some kind of glitch? I sure am not doing it intentionally and try to hit edit if I edit my post and not reply. Anyway, I am hesitant to post now lest it get doubled or tripled. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Just post! !
    There could be so many reasons why and I bet it will just stop.
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  3. It happens to all of us sometimes... so nothing to worry about... it takes seconds to delete... so no problem
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  4. Okay, thanks. :)
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  5. Tech Details: As a TEST - when you type new replies, watch carefully on screen to see if your left mouse button on a PC, trackpad buttons on a laptop or touchscreen is creating double or triple strikes. This can happen as mechanical switches and electronic sensors age and don't move or respond as accurately as when new. Also, if your computing device is doing a security update or other internal maintenance at the same time that you are typing, a delay in on-screen display can take place due to the computer being "busy" doing other routine tasks. During computer "busy time", if you hit the "Post Reply" button and don't see anything happening right away and hit the "Post Reply" button a second or possibly a third time, the software at CFS may see all of those as individual entries and create duplicate posts.

    If that happens, feel free to use the 'Report' button to tell us what happened and we will take care of double/triple posts for you.

    Thank you.
  6. None of the above applies. Problem does not exist except on this forum. Thanks.

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