Don't think like the world

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  1. Don't Think Like the World

    (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds); Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

    – 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

    If you think like the world thinks, eventually you will act like the world acts. Unrestrained thoughts produce unrestrained actions. So control your thoughts by bringing them into obedience to the Scriptures.

    Program your mind with the Word of God. The Word is spirit and it is life. When your mind is totally saturated with the Word of God, your will becomes strong to exercise authority to overcome every ungodly thought and evil habit.

    Don't let Satan deceive you into sacrificing the glory of God in your life for a few moments of self-indulgence and sin. Restrain your thought life. Meditate the Word instead of selfish, carnal thoughts. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.

    Scripture Reading: Psalm 119:11-18

    © 1991 Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. aka: Kenneth Copeland Publications All rights reserved
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  2. Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].
    Romans 12:2 AMPC
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  3. Hello Cturtle;
    Excellent thread! I had to highlight the 3 sentences because they spoke to me.

    Each week we're up at 4am Monday through Friday. I drive two family members to the train station and the other to their job. This morning I was still feeling the left over flu symptoms and felt irritable. Then I had to take my nephew to high school summer school, and was agonizing through all this because then the van had to be dropped off for service at 8am.

    So while driving I knew I was feeling grouchy and knew if I verbally snapped I would regret it. So remembering the Corinthian scriptures I immediately spoke to God, silently. I confessed I was sorry for feeling irritable, didn't want to drive anyone and just go back to bed. Then I praised Him, gave Him all the glory because He understood me and my carnal "time bomb" just getting ready to explode.

    By the time we arrived at the train station (only 5 miles from home), I felt my spirit calm and then drove my other family member to work (28 miles - light traffic) and started thanking God for giving labor to my two family members, then came back and took my nephew to summer school (2 miles) and then (1/2 mile) dropped the van off for service.

    I felt my spirit calm and God reminded me all the good He was doing for my family and how I was used by Him to help them. Had I unleashed my unrestrained thoughts I would have regretted it the rest of the day.

    I know the world would just have me keep this to myself as not to expose my bad side, but when I can be honest and give glory to God for His strength over my weaknesses inside is such a relief. My God gave me relief.

    Thank you for your thread, Cturtle, the timing was all God this morning.
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  4. That's just it bobinfaith ,
    Scripture tells us God will always give you an escape. You found it and took it.
    Where many miss this is they think it will just automatically happen but truth is you have to turn to Him and then you shall see clear of your escape.

    Awesome example Brother Bob! !
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  5. This is something I have been experiencing lately. Sometimes I get it right and choose the right path (God's Ways) and sometimes I mess up and don't choose the way of escape that God has provided.

    Good point my dear.
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  6. Your testimony is an encouragement to me. I forget about the way of escape and thus end up making a blunder or two.. then have to repent and get back up to keep moving forward.

    It encourages me to remember that I can pray and connect to God and resist being irritable or grouchy... For those are the enemy's ways and tools of destruction, and the way to sow a seed of strife, thus bringing about the possibility of every evil work being manifested.

    Blessings to you Bob. I surely appreciate your share :)
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  7. cturtle and bobinfaith, I thank the Lord for both of you and your exchange on this thread which today really speaks to me. Lately there have been some really challenging moments with my husband as you likely know his condition is declining (alzheimers/dementia). I have had to watch my words and my thoughts more and more and in the past I have been known to react when it gets seemingly impossible to get through to him about simple tasks and other things. But, since Sunday when I went to church with my son in law while my daughter took care of her dad I am becoming more and more aware of the need to praise God, no matter what, and to think positive and good scriptures. I am having an attitude renewal as I am more and more moving into the process of changing my thought patterns. Not that I haven't done this before but with more tension because of our situation it has been slipping. Even if this means taking a few breaths and reminding myself and speaking God's Word to myself out loud or without spoken words and just in my mind. This whole thread and the scriptures here have been confirmation and encouragement. There is hope and there is a way to escape (maybe not just out of the house or the situation) but out of the trap of negative thoughts and words.
    Blessings. cturtle, I am also glad you are here and take so much time and detail with people on the forum. You are a blessing! You, too, Brother Bob! :)

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  8. Amen and thank you, brother Jim, Cturtle, Sandpiper and everybody here. Its so true when Jim says "you shall see clear of your escape." The more we grow in our daily commune with Jesus and His Word, we learn to "see clear our escapes" and the opposite holds true. If we don't have that daily commune with the Lord we struggle seeing the escape running in circles.

    Praise Him for His Right Path!
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  9. I surely appreciate your kind words. I am blessed that I can serve our Lord in this capacity... and can be an encouragement to those whom God brings here, and will receive what The Holy Spirit has for them... For its all about Him and His burden removing, yoke destroying anointing setting the captives free and using us all to encourage each other daily

    God bless you and your husband and children. Your all in my prayers daily.
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  10. I agree not to be OF this world. However, I also firmly believe "Know thine enemy", and even though you don't want to think the way this world does, to protect yourself you should know how ithe world thinks, and not be naive to its ways, pitfalls, and dangers. What better way to ward off its lies than to see right through them in the first place? I received my education on the streets where life can be hard, mean, and about as real as it gets, and I do not regret learning what I did there. Wily to the ways of the world, I feel I can better protect not only myself, but others less savvy from the dangers that exist when trying to live as part of the world instead of livingj just in the world in a Godly manner.
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  11. In my thoughts and memories... the best way to know a counterfeit is to become so acquainted or intimate with the real, that you know and can spot the fake a mile away.

    The same is true with Christ. If we become so intertwined with the truth of who He is and His Word... we will be able to tell when what is comimg to us is not of Him.

    And as Egraine so wonderfully put it, and it matches the Word perfectly.. we should know how the enemy attacks us and how he comes. For the Word says he comes as an angel of light.

    The deception of what he (the devil) has presented to people all over the world via cartoons and movies has been done on purpose. If we believe that he comes in a red suit and a pitchfork or is anything like the horror movies, which just instill fear into people's hearts.... people will not recognize when he takes them to church and promises them things that He has no right to offer.

    That is what he did with Jesus. Although he did have the authority and right to offer everything he did. But in his last attempt to snare (tempt) Jesus, he took Him to the temple.

    The devil will not tempt someone who is grounded in Jesus and The Word to go to a nasty bar or club... For he knows that they want nothing to do with it. But if he can get them to believe that it's no big deal, or he convinces them that they can be a light in a dark place, and then plants in their mind that just one drink will be ok and no harm... those are the kinds of things we as believers need to be on the watch for. The enemy trying to convince us that commands of the Bible are not really as important as God says they are.

    Another lie I have found being promoted is that a little arguing amongst a couple is healthy.

    Beware O believer of what you allow to sway you off of the truth of the Word. It's a trap like what was done to our mother Eve.

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  12. I agree with you that the devil's biggest weapon against us is the process of RATIONALIZATION. When we rationalize things, we are really looking for excuses to do what we know we should not be doing. Rationalization, in my mind, is the devil whispering in my ear to do things I should not do, but he wants to make it seem okay - just this once, what will it hurt? Hah! I've got his number on that account and he keeps trying to be more and more subtle, so I have to refine my 'discernment detector' in order to fend off the lies. In a way, the devil is doing me a favor by making me more savvy and conscious to this type of attack. Talk about a plan going wrong and having things happen the opposite to your intentions. Well, the process of being hypervigilant to rationalization is being honed with each nasty lie and attempt to pull me off my path with the Lord. Amazingly intelligent as the devil is, there are features about him that are pathetic and pitiable. Fallen from God's grace, the best he can do is try and pull everyone else down with him. Does that not strike you as childish? However, I make no mistake, this being is powerful, dangerous, and never to be underestimated.
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