Does the earth have color or is it all in our minds?

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  1. I watch a show with my grandson called brain games. One of the things they said was that the earth has no color its all in our minds. Our minds eye give color to the earth. So I'm doing some research to get more information on this and was wondering if any of you know anything about this, thanks
  2. I agree that our senses are limited in the information they can provide but I think the pale reflection speaks of a greater reality.
    There are enough accounts of people who have witnessed color on the other side and after being revived were able to testified about the brilliance of colors they experienced there.
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  3. From a mostly scientific standpoint, color, and sight itself is how our brains process the stimulus of light hitting the retina in our eyes. As I remember it, there are rod and cone shaped structures that respond to different wavelengths of light. This causes the optic nerve to send the information to our brain. Our brain interprets this as shapes and colors. There are many ways of ‘fooling’ this behavior. These are commonly called optical illusions, and gives us clues as to how it works.

    A similar thing happens with sound. Sound is how our brains interpret the stimulation of our ears. Without ears (and brains, etc), vibration would be just vibration. It is our brains that cause us to ‘hear’ it as sound. There is an old common science class question about whether trees falling makes a sound. The point of the question was whether there was anything that could hear the sound.

    The Bible uses the universe God made to illustrate many things about Him. Knowing the mechanics of how it is done should not detract from our gratitude to Him for those wonders.

    Romans 1:20 (NASB): For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

    God made the universe for us to examine and through that examination to learn about Him.
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  4. Everything has a frequency and our eyes interpret frequencies just like our ears hear different frequencies. Everything has a frequency. Butterflies can see 17 colors, we can only "see" 7 primary colors. You cannot see infra-red, but your TV does. Put on special glasses and you'll see the beam form your remote to your TV... I used to work for a company that made high speed valves and the color of the inside of the valve did have an effect on the speed. It was insane, but I saw the effects for myself. White slowed it down a lot, blue was faster, grey faster still, black the fastest. It makes no sense, but the facts say it's true.
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