Does God Hold Parents Accountable for What Their "Unaccountable" Children Are Introduced or Even Do?

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  1. When I consider that children have an "age of accountability" for their sin (they are sinners from birth according to God's Word relative to the curse of Adam) I then wonder who will acount for their sin before they are accountable. No sin can go unpunished; either the sinner or Jesus will have to pay for it. If the sinner is "pardoned"/redeemed without needing Jesus' atonement and there was no errror in the judgement as to a sin ocurring I think that any responsible party for nurturing/allowing/encouraging/etc that sin to have been done by the child will be held responsible. It would seen that those in charge of the child's nurturing care, their parents, wherever that care is provided become the responsible party. Please let's try avoid tangents like orphans, abandoned Moms, and whatever tangent might arise. The focal point here is the situation where parents ARE known and the child is living with them or at least one of them.

    What do you think? And if you agree that parents are responsible to some degree, do you think that they should be allowing their children to take in messages/watch such things as most of the Disney material or a host of other media? Name another media or other source of seeding evil which parents should not let their children watch.

    Many parents attribute inappropriate and erroneous abilities of perception and comprehension and maturity to their children I think many times in an attempt to try to avoid their responsibility to God of discernment for their children. But regardless of the reason, it is done and children are allowed to choose and discern material which they have no knowledge or experience base or Spiritual discernment for which to make a wise and responsible decision.
  2. Another idea/concept taken from a book, Scott Peck, a psychologist/psychiatrist: "The Road Less Travelled"

    I somehow agree.... following is my own words how I remember:

    LOVE, of course plays an important part in raising a child….
    It involves TIME and EFFORT to talk, to teach things rather than just giving “what the material things they need”…

    LOVE is a time and effort to let the child grow, thus showering with "love" and yet giving a life unchallenged produces a lazy child… while life of challenge produces a successful child…

    Although, somewhere, he seems not see a pattern:
    A “good and respectable family” producing a “troubled” child…
    Or a “bad, troubled family ” producing a “successful in life child…

    Thus, I remember he goes on to quote a Bible verse:
    John 3:8New King James Version (NKJV)
    8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

    Related to the OP question:
    I think we are all accountable for what we say, our actions….. the result, is upon the Wisdom of God…. which is Good.... and Just…..and Righteous, thanks be to God for His blessings and mercy.....
  3. You make the claim that I took this idea from some other source. You are in error. I did not take this idea from any other source but my head and what the Lord may have revealed to me. I never heard of that psych you mention here and the other you brought up on my other thread. Your manner here and on the other thread at least appears to be one who needs to seize control right from the start, even to the point of making false accusations and assert your opinions in a very condescending way apparantly to take over the thread. Isn't that what a TROLL does?
  4. Ah yeah, sorry for that, my post above can be “read” that way….

    what I meant by “I somehow agree”…… am not agreeing at your post: I read a book, I consider, I somehow agree on that book...
  5. I had similar thoughts sometime back and posted this thread!
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    ah, and also the first line of my post: "Another idea/concept taken from a book" it can be "read" that it describing your post...

    no, am not, what I mean is that I mention again what I read from a book, because prior to this post, I mentioned a book...

  7. In my life, (when my children were little) i took the responsibility of guarding what they watched very seriously. And yes i do fully agree with you that the parents are responsible to teach their children the Ways of God. That is why God made a covenant with Araham...He knew that Abraham would teach his children all about God and raise them to honor God in every way. And that is where we as Christian parents have missed the mark (sadly)


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