Do You Think If You Listened To Your " First Mind" More Often You'd...

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  1. Be a little further in life?

    You know, your first mind is that intuition that's usually right...
    I also opinion, that half or even most of the time its God talking to us, since its usually right.

    Do you have any 1st mind/ intuition stories you'd like to share ? :)
  2. For me personally, my first mind is usually wrong. Now I try to take things slow. For important stuff, I'll pray about it, think about it, ask other people about it, before I make a decision.
  3. If I listened to my first mind I might have been killed already. I always want to stop and help stranded people and bring (some) homeless people and animals home. I'd also be cutting the neighbors grass and cleaning the house daily...
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  4. I have learned not to trust my intuition, and I'm usually wrong when I don't trust it. Mother was very intuitive, but she also claimed to be a witch, so years ago, I asked G-d to kill my intuition, so I would not be like her or, especially, take on her attitude. Well, later, I repented of that, because I realized I was squelching G-d. However, while I repented, I am still hesitant to hear that intuitive voice. I have been trying harder lately to hear it. It has become a little "louder" lately. I just never want to take any credit for it.
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  5. Thats good terzil
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  6. I've never listened to my gut.

    I've since three used Boolean logic. Even before I knew who Boole was.
  7. In my love life I wish I listened to my gut first!! 5-6 failed relationships and 8 years wasted before I found my wife.

    In business I wish I thought things over ten times more then I have!! Two failed business and now I just have draining investments with no returns as of yet.

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