Do You Read Science Fiction?

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  1. I enjoy reading. As a literature student, it was classic literature that kept me dutifully turning pages. Once life's demands hit hard, it wasn't easy finding my way back into books, but I have.

    The point of this post is to ask if any Christians here read science fiction. It must be an inability to relax with the unfolding of imaginary scenes that include space travel and made-up worlds that keeps me away. I'm too much a realist. (Give me a biography or western anyday).

    Anyway, an online friend from Australia sent me the book Neverness by David Zindell, a 552 page tome, which he gave as a gift with rave reviews.

    I don't know any Christians who like to read sci-fi. Are there any here? I've read some reviews on the book, some saying it's a masterpiece, and others preferring to list the books flaws. Is it worth my time?
  2. I don't know the book, so I can't comment. I do like 'good' Scifi, but I do not like a lot of modern stuff.
    My 'all time favorite' was the 'Lensman' series by Doc E E Smith. And I like most of Murry Leinsters Med Ship siries and others from his pen. I can't get into fantasy with hobgoblins and such. I bought a few of Ken MacLeod's books, but never finished reading them. IMNSHO they were so bad I wouldn't even give them away.....I destroyed them.

    I've read the 'evergence trilogy', but I wasn't overly impressed. I think the character development is what held my interest more than the actual story line.
  3. Being a bit of a geek, I do like fictional reading. I tend to lean towards the fantasy end of the sci-fi/fantasy spectrum though. I'm not familiar with that particular book, but knowing me I'd read it anyway LOL. :)
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  4. I love scifi, alot of the older stuff as calvin mentioned. My wife has introduced books to me too that have been awesome, like the Hopkins Manuscript.
  5. I must admit that I did read the 'Amtrak Wars' series which is as far into fantasy as I can force myself to go.;)
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  6. I jost sold about 800 fantasy novels... I decided I didn't want to move them. I read some classic sci fi, enjoy it ok, but fantasy is my genre. I think I will retire as a fantasy author.... errrr, will hope and pray I can....... :p.

    Neverness has some intriguing thoughts behind the name..... :) there are several fantasy stories out there based on the Xian faith.....
  7. I dont read much Science fiction but Science Fiction is my favourite movie genre
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  8. Though I do read it, it is also my favorite movie genre. (edit: Well... top 3 movie genres. >_>)
  9. I haven't read much for many years, but i used to read just about any Sci-Fi or fantasy book going. I have quite a few boxes in the attic full of books, assuming the mice have not eaten them!

  10. Is it worth your time? Only you can judge. I downloaded a copy and just recently tried to read it.

    Calvin's literary rule states that any story that fails to captivate the imagination within the first two pages is a waste of time.
    But you are exempt from following Calvin's rule, if you have too much free time on your hands.;)
  11. In a rare moment of extreme boredom, I revisited 'Neverness'. Nothing has changed. It is not worth the read IMHO.
  12. Ive never read neverness, but I did enjoy reading a lot of sci-fi in high school. Still do on occasion, but now I prefer westerns/spy thrillers. I started writing a sci-fi book in high school, had big plans was supposed to be book one of a 3 part series, never got past page 80 Im afraid, and to my knowledge I no longer have it to finish :( Writing sci-fi was fun though, being able to create your entire little fantasy world, I really enjoyed it.
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  13. Terry Pratchett, anyone?

    I just bought a hardcover edition of The Fifth Elephant. My expectations are rather high.

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