Do you know these lyrics?

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  1. Do you know these lyrics?

    Yes, you think you know me, but just to what degree?
    I can't deny my other side, my secret identity.
    Oh, the things that people say
    Some believe the fantasy, but it's really not that way.
    Oh, the side you never see
    I wish that I could show you, but you'd probably run from me.
    It's like Dr. Jekyll meets Mr. Hyde
    That's who I really am deep down inside.

    Can you name the song/artist?

    *HINT: It's a song from the 90's
  2. I don't have a clue, so I'll guess -- something by Petra?
  3. Petra? No! Stryper, I think.
    God bless,
  4. Could it be "Holy Soldier"?

    It's Funny How You Only See A Certain Side Of Me,
    For I Am Just A Man Encaged In Who I'm Supposed To Be
    Yes You Think You Know Me, But Just To What Degree,
    I Can't Deny My Other Side My Secret Identity.

    (Pre Chorus:)
    Oh, The Things That People Say, Some Believe The Fantasy
    But It's Really Not That Way,
    Oh The Side You Never See, I Wish That I Could Show You
    But You'd Probably Run From Me,
    It's Like Dr. Jeckyl Meets Mr. Hyde
    That's Who I Really Am Deep Down Inside


    Virtue And Vice, Fire And Ice, Which One Is Really Me.
    Virtue And Vice, Nasty And Nice, Tell Me Which One Will It Be.

    A Civil War Is Raging In The Fortress Of My Mind,
    Both Sides Hate The Other Evil And Divine.
    I Guess That's Just The Way It Is The Nature Of The Game
    And Until The Game Is Over, The Song Remains The Same.

    (Pre Chorus:)




  5. Boy, this sounds like a fun thread!!!:D

    Funny, those lyrics can be taken as either really scary or really uplifting...:confused:
  6. Tom hit the nail on the head!:)
  7. Freedom got it!!! For some reason, the song was stuck in my head at those exact lyrics! Isn't it true, though? I know it is for me! I'm all "Mr. Nice Christian Guy" around so many people, and then my sinful nature is revealed when no one sees!
  8. that's my favorite holy soldier tune..

    virtue & Vice.. from Last Train
  9. how about these lyrics?

    Thank you for your concern for my christian life
    Your prayers are deeply needed but let`s put an end to this strife
    Yes, I`ve been seen in places that you`d only pass in daylight
    But that`s our biggest difference we minister by night

    We`re out on the front lines, challenging everyone
    Surrounded by fruits of sin that consume your daughter or son
    We go in after them, they`re in our sights
    But that`s our gift in the darkness we`ll shed the light
  10. no one wants to play? :)

  11. Hmmmm...Could you hum a few bars?

    Sacred can than my Dh for that one! I was clueless. :D
  12. what album? song?

    it's my favorite Sacred Warrior song... from my favorite album...

    awesome awesome stuff...

    "we're out on the front lines... challenging everyone..." *bangs his head*
  13. how about these?

    Old times are hazy, oh I was crazy
    I was more than just a little deranged
    When Jesus found me, He did astound me
    My heart and mind He has totally changed
    I don´t remember all the times I lied
    Can´t recall all the days I failed
    Don´t remember all the people I hurt
    But can´t forget the Hands I nailed

    Never forget the cross
  14. No help needed on this one...

    Never forget the cross...One Bad Pig....I Scream Sunday!

    My favorite of their albums...

    My turn....

    Some people bring you gifts
    Some bring you bricks to weight you down
    so they can swim a little higher while you drown some people mean so well
    Their way was the best way that they found
    But any other way you choose is a brick that weights you down
    So tell me what do I do with this backpack
    Full of bricks of sticks and stones and words that stuck to me like ticks
    Let it go, let it be
    Brick by brick we can be free of all the words we saved
    Till we were our own enemies
    Let it go, let it be
    Brick by brick we can believe in the person God intended us to be
    Let it be
    Some people give themselves a brick
    I know most people do when we compare
    We fall short somewhere
    It¹s always true if all we see is where we fall
    We've bricked a prison wall instead of trying to learn to fly
    We've taught ourselves to crawl we could believe in ourselves
    More we could try for unique
    Instead of trying to conform
    We could defy what they tell us
    Don't buy the lies they sell us if we're brave we can believe in what we are
  15. *coughs self* .. superchick!?!

    (I had to look that one up.. not my brand of tea)
  16. If you bark and bare your teeth
    If you foam at the mouth you got company
    The race is on to rule the streets
    'Cause it's a mad dog world

    We're all unleashed tooth and nail
    Fightin' over a bone only to find the marrow's stale
    You gotta survive or they'll eat you alive
    'Cause it's a mad dog world

    Where can you run to away from this place
    Into the arms of goodness and grace
    Where can you go where you will be safe
    From this mad dog world, oh where
  17. Local Guy...I saw "them" him in concert in the 80's...


    Something probably a little more your pace....

    You worship the Big Bang. The reason for your life,
    But you don't realize
    That your life will self-destruct
    In a bang.
    Big Bang!
  18. bloodgood was awesome.. love it...

    lust control is very interesting music..

    my favorites include "dancing naked" and "I blew up the clinic real good" ... good stuff..
  19. you see life as a game
    That you don't want to play in
    Born in a world
    That you don't wanna stay in

    There's only two roads
    And none in between them
    If you don't choose the Son
    The choice you've made is against Him

    Watch out! You're gonna lose
    If you mess with your maker
    Look out! You're gonna lose
    If you mess with the snake
    Beware you're gonna lose
    If you think you can tip-toe in between

    Your life is in danger!


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