Do Not Bear False Witness.

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  1. What does this commandment mean to you and how do you apply it to your daily life?
  2. it does not mean anything to me as Christian because the Bible tells me not to be sin conscious but Jesus Conscious.
    laws will not make you righteous, on the other hand, right believing that Christ died for me will certainly produce right living through Jesus and the Holy spirit that is within me.
  3. But I have heard on this forum repeatedly the Bible/word of God being equated with morals/good and evil. If you don't follow the laws in the bible then are you saying it is not after all what is in the bible but simple faith/holy spirit that makes you 'good'?

    That's not so much different from what you accuse non-theists of; having no morals because we use our own minds, subjective feelings and conscience to make ethical decisions or as you would say, being our own gods.

    So it is the power of God/Holy Spirit that makes you right?
  4. if you seriously think your morality came from yourself, then there is nothing to talk about.

    i answered your query as a Christian. isn't that enough?
  6. Googles............ Walk after the Spirit, and you will not satisfy the lust of your flesh. Do unto others as you want others to do to you. If you want 10 chances to get it right, the give it to someone else.

    All the law........... Kill not, commit no adultery, fornication, hang on that law of love. Do the love, and the scripture says ye do well.
  7. well I am not a Christian so where else did you think my morality/sense of ethics came from?

    Unless of course I am horrible and then fine, but we all make mistakes and you probably do too (ie. in your tongue - we are all sinners).

    is it not unreasonable to think that it might be offensive to assume a persons sense of right/wrong did not come from God ie. me?
  8. "You are not to testify falsely against your neighbour."

    never mind. what does that commandment mean to you?
  9. The commandment is only fulfilled in the Love of Christ, every man in the flesh is a false witness! Only when we love others as Christ loves us will we speak truth to others, in Christ.
  10. The commandment means what it says. Don't lie to your neighbors. If you have the Holy Spirit you should feel convicted of any lies you spread.

    Believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved!
  11. since we have visitors here from the other side of the fence and claims to be sitting in the fence:

    I had a discussion with a retired Pastor long time ago.
    It’s about Atheist and Agnostics.
    In his opinion, which I agree: Agnostics are more in trouble than Atheist.
    Why: because an Atheist simply does not believe.
    An Agnostic is not sure.
    He did not elaborate anymore.

    As I see it:
    Agnostics are not sure, that should be fine.

    BUT THE MOMENT they use their judgment (usually using logic, which I see as fallacious) on say, the attributes as describe in the Bible….. AND PREACH about it to other soul….

    I think they are in trouble: Intellectual dishonesty.

    That is, my conclusion is:

    An Agnostic or Atheist preaching about Jesus Christ, about God is a false witness.
  12. If you don't believe on Jesus then it won't matter what you think or what moral standard you make for yourself, as you will still do what your father does.
  13. Not one jot or tittle shall be changed.

    He didn't come to abolish the law(teaching).

    Fishing will give you teaching.
  14. Right He came to fulfill it...either we are under "every jot and tittle" or none of it! Think about it!
  15. I don't think OP said laws would make them righteous…

    Faith is credited as "righteous"..

    "therefore, his faith was also attributed unto him as righteousness."

    Also, the law surely should mean something to you since you are "Jesus conscious" because Jesus said "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."

    And Jesus also said:

    “If you love me, keep my commands."
    "Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me."
  16. What did He describe as "HIS" commandment? By the way the word for commandment "entole" in Greek can be translated in the singular or the plural depending on the translator. He said "This is MY COMMANDMANT" that you love one another, as I have loved you...The epistle teach LOVE alone is the fulfillment of the law....put this together folks...this is not hard to understand!
  17. Oh come on, my old man is not that bad.

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