Do Christians Today Have A Burden For Souls?

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  1. According to the US Census Bureau of Statistics; nearly 160,000 people die daily. 320,000 babies are born daily and there are about 7 Billion people currently on the planet.

    Approximately 32 % of the population claim to be "Christian" That's 2.24 Billion people. Out of that approximately 1.2 Billion are Catholics, the rest are Protestant and 'other' religions.

    Out of 160,000 deaths, approximately 52,000 claim to be "Christian". That leaves at least 108,000 people going to Hell each day.

    Let me say that again:

    At least 108,000 people going to Hell EACH DAY!

    Out of 320,000 births, potential only 103,000 while grow up in a home where there is a Bible. That's a potential 217,000 newborns that probably won't hear the Gospel born daily.

    Let me say that again:

    217,000 newborns that probably won't hear the Gospel BORN DAILY!

    Do we Christians truly have a burden for souls? Are we 'like Christ' when we ignore giving the Gospel to someone that could die today? Are we to busy concerning ourselves about what we want to get from Christ and not about what others get from Christ?

    Forgive us Father for our selfishness. Forgive us for not knowing what sacrifice is. Forgive us for disobeying you. Forgive us for being greedy and not supporting those willing to leave their comfort zones to go into world and preach. We are despicable children.

    We've had some good hard preaching since Sunday morning during our Missions Conference. If you've never been to a missions conference, get to one. If your church doesn't have one-start one. Our missionaries are where the Gospel hits the world where it hurts, and the world fights back. This is my first and Lord willing won't be my last.

    Luke 10:2-3

    "Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves."

    Shame on us; support your missionaries. Tell someone about Jesus today.
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  2. Sadly, even with these facts, we full time missionaries are often left high and dry for the new popular "short term" missions. This amounts to a couple of months (usually staffed by college kids) building church buildings, staffing "field hospitals" and teaching English.....not really Gospel work that effects salvation.

    Although these are "good works", sadly congregations do not understand that short term missions only boost churches in foreign countries and staff clinics and classrooms.....leaving very little time to actually deal one-on-one with the unsaved.

    Think of full time missions and support them; college kids can only do so much infrastructure assistance, and then they go home.
  3. Yup-we support full time missionaries. Most of them are seasoned looking to go back into the field after years of proven service. We have 2 US Church planters and we support one in a restricted country we can't even list or mention publicly. My prayers go out to you Rusty...

    I 'd tell you to send your doctrinal statement to our Pastor-but I think we just voted to go beyond our budget and are running on faith at the moment. But by all means-The Lord will provide! :D
  4. Oh don't get me wrong; I wasn't fishing for support. God takes care of us without passing any committees' approval...though I understand why some folks need this, as well.

    I'm voicing my observations in the field.

    Glad to to hear that you don't put all your eggs in the "short-term" basket!
  5. I don't think we have any short term eggs? I guess the Church planters could be since they are USA side. We voted to support Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Zambia and the Philippines- all returning to churches they started to expand elsewhere in the country.

    We have one 'new' missionary family campaigning for the Dominican Republic, And another that just went active a couple months ago in Nova Scotia. Having them all under our roof at the same time this week has been a pleasure. (Except Cambodia-They couldn't make it-just went back in country in February.)

    If Pastor has it his way we'll pick up another dozen next year-Lord willing.
  6. Cambodia is very far away from the States, like I am and airfare and visa restriction in that country may have nixed any visiting.

    Those working in Buddhist countries have a tough time of it.

    Missionary to Canada? That's odd.
  7. the real question, isn't whether christians today have a burden for souls, is it do you. Do I. does everyone here who reads it. It is a question every christian needs to ask themselves. It has nothing to do with supporting missionaries, its easy to put money in the plate, its whether we, as individuals, are willing to go out and witness to those in our own community as well as abroad.
  8. Wow! What a blessing to read this. The heart beat of God and of our Saviour is salvation for every soul. As a dear now departed friend and pastor once wrote, a soul is a soul is a soul and is precious to God.

    The missionaries from Europe took the gospel to the nations in centuries past. The US of America has carried the torch for the past century and is still bearing the burden.

    The zeal however is waning. The time is short, evil abounds and the wickedness of men continue to increase. The Lord never leaves Himself without a witness in every generation. In the past generation, we have been blessed with people like Billy Graham, Morris Cerrullo, Bonke et al.

    I am thankful to The Lord that around the globe, God continues to raise up people to carry the gospel to the nations. For example currently in the country of Liberia and other nations of West Africa, there is a major evangelistic outreach called Healing Jesus Campaign led by Evangelist Heward-Mills. You can follow this outreach on healing Jesus TV.

    He is one of many The Lord has raised to carry the torch in our era. Let us continue to pray and support such people as they reach out to the nations.
  9. I think that "having a burden for souls" can be shown in many ways, one of them certainly by being a missionary. Those who leave their 'comfort zone' and trust exclusively in God's care are able to fulfill the assignment of Mat. 24:14.
    But those persons whose circumstances don't allow to leave their home and go into the world, those Christians are still able to make sacrifices and bring God's Word to their neighbors.
    I think that a person who cares for his old, disabled parent shows sacrifice, and also the one who abstains from following his own hobbies or sports in order to give his time for his children or other family members.
    Billy Graham once wrote, "our influence on society depends on our likeness to Jesus Christ."
    This can mean to some to go into foreign territory, for others it means to stay where they are but doing not what they would like to do, rather sacrificing their life for others by serving.
  10. It's easy putting A LITTLE money in the plate...The Lord preserved the parable of the widow's mite for a good reason, and God blesses those that support missions, whether "automatically" or fully conscientiously.

    What most fail to grasp (apparently) is the joy of doing both for others unseen (missions) and seen (locally).....there's no law against sewing the Seed with two hands!
  11. I agree about asking ourselves that question; to be more poignant, WE CHRISTIANS are the missionaries/ Ambassadors for Christ. No matter what our duty station is. If you can't be a fields missionary, 'go out' into your community.

    (Speaking on the general public of the USA.) The problem is we are 'too busy' with worldly things and obsessed on materialism that we are not even taking care of our own Pastor's who are the shepherds of the flock. God doesn't like that.

    God has a lot to say about neglecting His House. America is about to reap the consequences....
  12. This is why im happy its my calling. shoot it doesn't even need to be your calling,just be serious abt God,
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  13. Not me not you and not anyone else knows whos going to hell, thats up to yehweh
  14. That is a truth-but that is not the point of the thread...
  15. Unfortunately mostly the ones that are in the BUSINESS of evangelizing do, or appear to have one.
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  16. I think the burden, starting from the heart, includes a strong element of knowing that the Spirit, through the Scriptures, needs to work in the sinner's heart: the sinner needs challenging, but persuading through smooth, ingenious arguments won't convince unless the Lord is in it.

    (Some 'evangelistic' methods simply remind me of a sales person selling soap.)

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  17. Totally agreed! This is precisely why whenever I hear folks linking word "business" with the Lord's work, I cringe.

    Even a casual scanning of Pastor Anthony Wade's (one of our member's) will open honest hearts to this shameful fact.
  18. I guess it depends also on how the word 'business' is used.

    For example:

    evangelism is a business like selling soap = :(

    evangelism is a serious business to all who undertake it = :)
  19. True...sadly folks aren't too clear about which they mean, quite often.
    HOWEVER.....with over commercialized American "evangelism" saturating the world's airwaves, I reckon the $$ form is most prevalent and certainly most viewed by believers and the unsaved alike.
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  20. There's the saying:

    "Persuade a man against his will, persuade him still". The Lord needs to change the heart, however urgently sinners may be, and should be, challenged.
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