Disobedience Hinders God's Plan

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  1. Disobedience Hinders God's Plan

    Disobedience Hinders God's Plan

    The man left there and told all the people he saw that Jesus
    had healed him. So the news about Jesus spread. And that is
    why Jesus could not enter a town if people saw him. Jesus
    stayed in places where people did not live. But people came
    from all the towns to the places where Jesus was.

    -- Mark 1:45 (ERV)

    Many times we think we know what is best. Unfortunately, some of those
    times we actually disobey the clear teaching of the Lord because we
    think we know a better way. Invariably, our attempts at doing good by
    disobeying the Lord end up hindering his will. Certainly God can
    overcome our misguided attempts at helping his cause for he is God and
    he is sovereign and all-powerful. That's not the point. We need to obey
    him even when we can't understand the reasons behind the command and
    when we think we may know a better way to help and honor the Lord. The
    man who had leprosy disobeyed Jesus and told those around him about
    what Jesus had done. Instead of being able to fulfill God's purpose for
    him by going to the cities and villages and proclaiming the word there
    (see vs. 38-39), Jesus now has to stay in secluded spaces. People came
    to him, but he was cut off from going to them. The man's disobedience,
    though well-intentioned, interfered with Jesus' desire to fulfill his
    mission. In the same way, our disobedience of the Lord today often
    interferes with the Lord's desire to accomplish his mission in us!
  2. Food for thought thanks Mom.:)
  3. Those are some wise words.

    And it is good for me to remember this…

    Partial obedience is still disobedience.

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