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Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Jeffin, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. G'day there.
    I'm confused......do you want music or do you want Jack Benny?
    'twould seem that you can use Spotify for offline downloads,
    As for windoze media center, I can be of no real help there, being a 100% Linux OS person.
    That said, if you can download music from spotify for offline use, then I would think you should be able to transfer your downloaded music into the media centre, but I have no personal windoze experience from which to advise you.
    luck with your quest.
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  2. Thanks Calvin for being honest I have been a windows person for most of my life and Linus would be really foreign to me and yes I do want to download music from Spotify.
    My comment about Jack Benny was in reference to my childhood.
    I mean that comedy and music is not what it was in the good old days
    Your Friend Jonathan
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  4. i'm having trouble with all my windows 10 laptops (3 of them).

    spell check no longer works and i can't find any instructions to activate it that work

    i go to turn spell check on in the settings and it is already turned

    so why does it not work?

    anyone else having this problem?

    God Bless you my dear friends
  5. check your drivers. They may need updating
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  7. Please try a GOOGLE or YAHOO Search using this search parameter: "spell check failure in Windows 10"

    There are countless others who have had the same issue (and many other issues) with Windows 10 and fixes are discussed in roughly a dozen "how to" websites.

  8. so far i have updated windows and spell check and highlight is turned on in settings but i can't get it to work

    if there is a way to update drivers outside of doing windows updates i can't find how to do that

    thanks for any help
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  10. You could try this. Open a command prompt as an administrator (type CMD in search, when it shows, right-mouse click and select Run As Admin) and type SFC /scannow
    It will take a while to run, but when it's done, reboot and try again.
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