did you know angels will be judged.

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  1. did you know angels will be judged.

    angels will be judged by men .this means men will go to heaven and judge angels in human form on earth.i relish there judgement.lol.:D:D:D
  2. give them enogh rope they hang themselves.:D
  3. Ive never herd this.....what veruse do you get this from?
  4. read the bible.
  5. Thats not answering the question, Your avoiding it.

    Ive read through revolations 2 times this year in a bible study and by my self and never (from what i remember) remember reading that man will judge angels.
  6. I think I remember that verse. It is not in Revelation, from what I know. I think it is in some book like John or one of the New Testament books, but not entirely sure. :D
  7. read again.
  8. Yeah, I think I'll go find it! :D
  9. But if your going to point out this then wouldnt you add on a refrence?
  10. Like I said, I remember I have read the verse, and I know that it wasn't in Revelation, but another New Testament book. I will see if I can find it for you, Soccerman. :)
  11. Thanks Nearer :)
  12. Your welcome!
  13. there is no escape,even for angels.all come under Jesus.
  14. But my thinking on this is that angels were/are aloud in heaven so isnt it perfect there? So if its perfect then theres nothing to judge.......

    But then agian i guess i have to think of the Satan thing?
  15. 1 corinthians 6 ;3
    Do you know that we ( saints) shall judge angels, not to mention affairs of this life.

    God Bless
  16. 1 Corinthians 6:3
  17. So this implys that Angels are NOT perfect?
  18. nope heaven is corrupt,Jesus said after john the baptist was here there would be a war in heaven.
  19. No fair....you must have hit the post button just seconds before me. :D Both posted at 8:04 PM (the time stamp on my screen....don't know what time zone yours is in.) Can I share the win with you? :)
  20. no angels are not perfect 1 of the 3rds revolted,:)

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