Demonic eyes?

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  1. Demonic eyes?

    My boyfriend works and often hangs out with a guy, named Chris, that I don't really care for... When I look into this guys eyes, it's like there isn't anything there, it's blank, empty, soulless looking... Chris is a rude person, doesn't know how to treat women correctly, isn't too bright, and isn't saved, he actually doesn't beleive that there is a God, and tends to talk down about Christianity when ever the subject comes up. My boyfriend thinks that he can ba a good guy, just that Chris has some bad habits, so he hangs out with him to kind of help guide him about how to interact with others, and how to treat women correctly...

    Chris' eyes just really scare me... Does anyone know what it means for someone to have eyes like that, does it mean anything, or am I just over reacting?
  2. They say the eyes are the opening to a persons soul. But behind bitterness is sadness, some people just need a sense of direction in life. Better yet, they need God. People who are misguided cannot see straight.

  3. We are instructed to "Plant the Seeds of Truth" (Mathew 13:3-9 KJV) in those who we meet in our daily travels. Our responsibility ends there. GOD is the only one who can allow those seeds to take root and we are also told in scripture 'not to cast pearls before swine' (Mathew 7:6 KJV). In other words, once God's Truth is made available to a potential convert, and they dismiss The Word - don't continue to try to enlighten them. Your time is better spent on those who do have potential to know and love God and His Son, Jesus Christ. God gave us all Free Will and it is our decision whether we will follow God's teachings or those of Satan. God will not force us to love Him.

    The spirit of Satan lives inside more and more persons in these end times. This was prophesyed long ago in the Book of Revelation and is coming to pass. The 'eyes' are a window into the soul and in those who have accepted the 'easy way out' and have adopted the doctrines of Satan, their daily demeanor is shown to all by their expressions, deeds and words.

    The person that you have mentioned may be beyond what The Seeds of Truth can overcome. It is now up to God to try to make The Truth sink in. If you are uncomfortablle with the situation, distance yourself from that person because you have done all that you can.
  4. Before I say anything else I would like to make a statement- I don't believe in "judging the book by it's cover" - I would never reject a person for appearance or strange looks and habits- some people can't help those things and might really be beautiful on the insideThat being said the person to whom you are referring is not in the above catagory- pray for him- he seems lost in darkness- that general anti-christ spirit is more and more prevelant these days- I personally won't tolerate it- I will not let anyone talk badly about my Jesus without hearing the truth- if they don't receive it then I indeed distance myself from them- but don't forget to pray for them and keep a good heart toward them- when viewed thru Jesus's eyes we can see them as the wounded souls they really are- if anyone needs your prayer it is indeed him- In Jesus Name Larry
  5. It's interesting that I read this very scripture last night during my devotional time. From Luke Chapter 11:

    So, we can't judge a book by it's cover, but the eyes of a man are at least the Table of Contents.:p (I just copyrighted that by the way...)

    I agree with Gary, though, we are to spread the seed and move along, let God do the heavy lifting. I have friends that I defended to my wife for years were "good guys" and I was setting them didn't turn out that way at all.
  6. thank you all so much for your quick reply to my question...

    I'm certainly going to keep my distance from him...

    And thank you for reminding me to pray for him (something I haven't really been doing...):pray:

    all of you are awesome!:cool:
  7. Do you have anyone at your work that hates you? I do the very same thing, I get fired up when people at work preach negatively about Christ or anything relating to the faith and I preach right back to them the truth. But they hate me to the core of my being. Most of the small number of them do, anyway.

    There is a woman that has been working there for quite a few years who has always been very nice and polite. Always kind and seemingly accepting. She is a Christian and seems to have a good knowledge of scripture but doesn't attend church anywhere. Nevertheless, I needed to go to the main office the other day and she was there. She greeted me so warmly and pleasantly. She talked to me like i was human and I mattered. During the course of our official business at the office we interacted for a very short time, maybe 2 to 5 minutes, but that short time made me feel so good and positive through the rest of the day that someone there wasn't against me.

    Anyway, you sound like me when I'm fired up about things relating to the faith. Hehe...:D
  8. :D guilty as charged- I try not to be obnoxious but it is not in me to have people talk bad about Jesus- it is not in me to condemn people I don't know just beacause they may be struggling with emotional or social issues and/or problems. Sometimes when you get to know a person they are not at all what you expect- sometimes they are- only time and patience can demonstrate who they are (if I give them the chance) - I always like to keep in mind that my Lord loved the unlovely- there are many wounded and crippled souls out there who may not be able to handle just one more rejection- believe me I know I was once just such a person.
  9. The main thing this one particular person tries to preach to me is evolution. They'll buy into those science shows talking about the Earth being millions of years old. And they'll believe the scientific evidence of dinosaurs and fossils and so forth.

    EDIT -
    A correction - My meaning above wasn't that Dinosaurs didn't exist, they did exist. My meaning was, the scientific community uses dinosaurs and their fossils as a building block for their belief in evolution. END EDIT

    They try to include it into conversations, but they don't consider it preaching. However, when I make my views known....not in a agitated or offensive way...I'm preaching.

    Picture an image of our Lord Jesus, in the sky, with a very loving smile on his face, with arms extended out and handing out all the blessings of his creation; the Earth in all its majesty; the universe in all its splendor, every joyous, beautiful thing.


    Now, picture an image of evolution, as a being, stepping in front of our Lord and saying, " yes, yes, here you are my creatures, I made all this for you."

    Our Savior deserves *all* praise and honor and glory. He deserves our deepest gladness and thanksgiving. He is worthy to be worshiped, sung praises to and the deepest gladness a perfectly holy heart could give him and do all this with the highest joy.

    It isn't that he forces anyone, he doesn't. It is a natural response from a heart that knows him; that is in harmony with him. A perfect, harmonious being would not be able to contain the praise, song, delight, gladness and overwhelming joy inside them because of him. They would have to let it out or explode, so to speak.

    Our Lord is not in any way going to force anyone to praise him or be filled with gladness because of him. Every being should be doing it because he deserves it. The perfect, holy heart that knows him and loves him has this response naturally, without effort. A glimpse of this can be gained from Revelations and also other places in the New Testament describing the angels in joyful song and praise. That is the way it is supposed to be but our sinful nature gets in the way and dilutes and corrupts all natural responses. Nobody is holding a gun to them or beating them with a whip to make them praise him. The Lord, himself, wouldn't be able to stop them from joyfully praising him. And it is a natural, voluntary response to him, our God.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is there is no effort to this worshipful response in a perfect world. It is as natural as breathing.

    I don't know how to get any deeper in description of what I'm trying to convey about what the precious savior deserves of all his creation but, to have someone say he wasn't responsible for all this beauty and goodness is a slap in a Christians face, not to mention a slap to a perfect, delightful and wonderful Lord Jesus.
  10. I agree that your boyfriend should probably separate himself from this guy. Just as Pastor Gary stated above.
    Yes, I have seen someone with eyes like that and he is now a pedophile in prison.


  11. ooo yes I like thee above..Also I just wanted to say that if your bf is a christain he should be careful because of different spirits people carry around them. You really dont want that to jump on your bf or get into your house.:groupray: :groupray: :groupray:
    Pray, pray, Pray!
  12. you can look into person`s soul through his eyes... that`s absolutely true.
  13. I'm sorry, but I am entirely uncomfortable with the notion that "how someones eyes look to you" can have anything to do with their value as a person. I worked with a man who had very nice eyes and a cheerful demeanor...who is also now in prison for pedophelia!! Who new?

    To start using a bit of scripture (out of context) as an excuse to be suspicious of people is a dangerous road to travel indeed.
    Heaven forbid any of you should meet me when I have not had much sleep, I'm sure my eyes would look sunken, dark and forboding...does that mean I am under demonic influence? <evil laugh>
  14. I not suggesting hanging out with anyone but I have known a man like that who had physical problems as the root cause- I am more than sure some people have hurt him needlessly.
  15. genesis is a good book,the days of God are a long time in human terms,God on the 3rd day makes birds foul etc and a beast and everything,before there is no doubting about text.i was answering the dino thing lol.
  16. I do belive you can tell alot about a person from their eyes.

    That is not judging their value as a person because you could not fairly predict their morals and values based on that alone.

    You can see sadness, tiredness, fear and so on in someone's eyes.

    Also I believe God gives Christians discernment concerning others, don't you?
  17. Visual clues can be accurate, or entirely misleading. I agree that we CAN discern much from a person’s eye's (just ask a poker player) but I would not make decisions about a person based on appearance alone. If I'm not willing to go a little deeper than that with a person, I would prefer to avoid making potentially inaccurate assessments. In the case described in the in this thread, however, there seems to be enough evidence to be cautious with this individual. Shunning him entirely is not the necessarily the answer since Jesus Himself was loudly criticized for spending time with sinners…the key though is whether you are likely to influence the individual positively, or end up being lead astray yourself.
  18. Well, in my humble opinion, I think some people have more of an ability to see a persons soul through the eyes than others. A sort of discernment, as I see it.

    I did know one individual whom was just evil. Every word that came out of the mans mouth was straight from the enemy, a drug dealer, he was. He had the most evil eyes I had ever seen in person. They were completely without life, the eyes of a heartless predator. The eyes do reveal a great deal about what's inside a person.

    I think a person's spiritual development has some effect on how they appear physically, as well. I can tell a shy girl from a nosy girl by their cheeks and nose. Most anyone can discern a mans tenacity by looking at his chin. Many ancient cultures knew how to tell a great deal about a person from their facial structure.

    A persons face, and everything about it, I think is meant to communicate what kind of person they are. Our culture has just lost this understanding, glorifying particular genetics and facial structures in the media while masking their reasons. The average "super-model" has many similarities in facial structure to a 7 year old child, I read in one study.
  19. I recall an old Jewish story of interest about a man who had the ability to paint a persons face perfectly, who was commissioned by one who could read faces as you describe. He was commissioned to paint the face of none other than Moses himself...and traveled to meet him, completed a painting of Moses visage and returned it to the man.

    The man who commissioned the work was astounded upon looking at Moses face. “This is the face of the great Hebrew prophet, the one man among men who has ventured closer to the creator than any other? But this is the face of a murderer!”

    Indeed Moses WAS a murderer; he slew an Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew slave and his face carried the record of that deed ever more…but Moses, like each of us, had the same potential to change his soul in spite of his face. It is wise to remember that we are not bodies with souls, but souls attached to temporal bodies.

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