Day after Annapolis

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  1. Day after Annapolis

    Day after Annapolis: PA TelevisionPalestinian Authority TV shows "Palestine" Map Erasing Israel
    Just a day after Israeli and Palestinian leaders at the Annapolis peace conference pledged to negotiate a peace treaty by the end of 2008, Mahmoud Abbas [Abu Mazen]’s Palestinian Authority [PA] continues to paint a picture for its people of a world without Israel.

    An information clip produced by the PAalestinian Authority Central Bureau of Statistics and rebroadcast today on Abbas-controlled Palestinian television, shows a map in which Israel is painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag, symbolizing [that] Israel turned into a Palestinian state.

    The description of all of the state of Israel as "Palestine" is not coincidental, and is part of a formal, systematic educational approach throughout the PAalestinian Authority.

    This uniform message of a world without Israel is repeated in school books, children's programs, crossword puzzles, video clips, formal symbols, school and street names, etc.

    The picture painted for the Palestinian population, both verbally and visually, is of a world without Israel.

    The fact that this campaign continues before the ink on the Annapolis agreement is even dry appears to contradict the central promise of the Palestinians at the Annapolis conference: that Israel has a right to exist.

    Please visit to see more PA clipdetails.

    (By Itamar Marcus &and Barbara Crook, Palestine Media Watch, 28th November 28, 2007)

    Prayer Focus
    Pray that no negotiator will be deceived. Pray that the promises made by the leaders will be assessed and proven to be true before any lasting concessions are made.

    “Those also who seek my life lay snares for me; tThose who seek my hurt speak of destruction, and plan deception all the day long” (Psalm 38:12).
  2. Thank you very much, Dusty.
  3. Thak you for posting this Dusty. I read this the other day and I was going to post it myself, but I had to think about myself because it came as no surprise. Is our Government and the PM of Israel so naive or blind to what the peace deal is all about. They (our Government) think they are putting this together, but could it be they are puppets on a string?
    I love this (USA) country, but do not atempt to divide Israel, there will be a price to pay.
  4. good post freedom.

  5. Yes freedom .... You are right.... But do you honestly think that would happen ?

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