Dating And Relationship! Urgent

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  1. Dating And Relationship! Urgent

    Ever since i came to college i became we can say "less of a christian" than when i was back home. i dont have a church, most of my friends are not christian, my parents are far, etc. i am still a believer, try to go to church, pray, read the bible, etc but i feel far away.
    for a few months i;ve been dating this guy which is not christian. he is hindu. i dont knw wht i shd do cause my feelings are already really strong for this guy.
    i need advice about continuing, stopping, or what...
    im lost and odnt know what to do
  2. Darling, My advice would be this -
    1. Break off the relationship - the bible is very clear about not being unequally yoked - meaning, not joining a relationship with anyone who is not a christian - you may think you are in love with him, but it is not in your est interests to develop a relationship with him.
    2. Get yourself with a christian group, you know it's not wrong to mix with non christians -IF you are a strong christian yourself, BUT you need to spend alot of time with christians, stuff rubs off when you're with a group of people, however you want to make sure it's the right kind of stuff - good christian stuff - not wordly stuff.
    Surely your college would have a number of chrisitan clubs or whatever, that's the first place to start.
    3. Don't dispare over the guy you're seeing now - does he know you're a christian, is he at all interested in finding out more about your religion - perhaps you could remain friendly if he is interested in seeking the truth and who knows what God could have in store for you.
    4. Pray, seek out God's wisdom in the situation, you will know in your heart what is right, I believe you already do because you are on here asking us for advice.
  3. I am in similar situation... well kinda. I was deeply in love before I became a Christian and I stayed in love after. I never dated the girl of which I loved because I knew that she did not allow Christ in her heart. She has confessed feelings for me over a year ago but I had to reject her. She knows how I feel though and has claimed she would wait until it was possible for us to be together, even if it never comes. She still has yet to be with anyone else and I still have very strong feelings towards her. There is no way to convert her, she is very strong in her faith as I am very strong in mine. Though we love each other it is just not possible for it to work out since are paths are separate. I doubt I will ever love another with the feelings I have for her, and it doesn't seem like she will be leaving my life anytime soon. I love her deeply and I do not feel like I will ever go with anyone else because of how strong my attraction is. Since she is unwilling to accept the truth of Christ, I will never be with her either.

  4. Never say never! Of course she can be brought to Christ! Trust me, you may say that you will never love another like that, but you don't know what love is until God places your wife in front of you. What a good and perfect gift that is!

  5. Agreed. I was yong and in love and when I lost that love I thought I would die. Later when I met the woman God had for me I realized what a blessing it was to loose that other girl. If we ahd stayed togeather I would have missed the best God had in store for me.
    And as far as salvation I also agree, never give up- God can break any hard heart.
    I pray God's will in your life u ne la nv i u we tsi
  6. It's simple, our old sin-flesh-nature, wants to party, and
    have fun, and will try and draw You to bad relationships,
    and decisions. So pray to surrender, in deeper
    commitment, and dedication, and Thanksgiving, and Love,
    to God, and let God provide the comfort and Joy, in
    providing the right people for You, in Your life.

    Draw near to Christ, and regard him, as Your Friend, as
    well as Savior, and God in the 2nd Person of the Trinity.
    Have private conversations with Vhrist, as Your friend,
    and tell Him Your feelings, and ask How His Day has been
    going, ( even though it is more of a faith conversation, but
    Christ will let You know He apreciates You drawing closer
    to Him ). And Talk to God the Father, as Your Loving
    Father, who Loves and cares about You.

    May God Bless You in Your need to draw closer to Him, as
    Your Friend, and Family, as well as Your God, and Savior, Amen
  7. Dear Gerry4,
    I have once heard very cutting edge similie about going out with non-christian.
    We as a Christians know, that we are right. We are stronger in a spiritual world. But lookin around in the world we see now, all the vulgar magazines, smoking, drunkness... we do not have any steadfast background here. Non-belivers do.
    It is like if you were an ant, standing on the table and you reached your hand for an elephant standing at the ground to pull him up to you. The elephant is the guy you were meeting. He has got bigge background here... It is dangerous for you.
    I absolutely agree with Ausgirl.

    Let God grant you the serenity
    to except the things you cannot change
    The courage to change the things
    you can
    The wisdom
    to know the difference
  8. I have been there. :( I know how difficult it is to date someone who is not of your beliefs. I was in a relationship for 8 months, which I broke off last month, simply because we were too different (among other things). It causes so many problems. :(
    I think you should pray about what God would want you to do. Perhaps he will convert to Christianity. Perhaps not. Just pray that you will put God first, trust in Him, and put this entire relationship in His hands.
    As for being "less Christian", if you have a campus Christian group, you should join that. It will help your faith to grow if you are surrounded by other Christians trying to keep the faith. I know how hard it is to keep faith in college.
  9. No worries!

    Read Romans! You don't have to dump this b/f of yours who is Hindu. It is not against God to date someone of a different faith, it is now your choice!
  10. While this is an interesting topic the OP hasn't been on site since November of last year.

  11. The first line clearly says " Break off the relationship? "


    I don't see a reason why a relationship should get ruined over the faith of another, right? Technically speaking i've seen plenty of relationships flourish but they just keep there opinons to themselves about what they believe in.

  12. 2Co 6:14 Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers: for what fellowship have righteousness and iniquity? or what communion hath light with darkness?

    God is pretty clear on this one.
  13. Why must you enter into any relationship that will separate you from God?
    Let your relationship be guided by your desire to do the will of God.​

  14. You are in a very tough situation here,the best thing to do would to do what ausgirl says :( for good and for better the relationship with him has to end!!
  15. Hey Hon, you do sound confused but here's some loving pastoral advice for you. You need to be fed spiritually by having a steady diet of the Word of God. The Word is the " lense through which we look at life. The Word encourages, convicts and cleanses. We can't get enough of it. As strong as your feeling are, a relationship with a non christian is definately not what you need. Nothing and noone is worth risking your walk with God and possibly your eterninty for. You need to hook into a good solid Christian group through school and certainly you need a Godly mentor at church. Serving God means standing up and standing out. Remember, if you ever give up someone or something in order to honour God, He will replace whomever or whatever you gave up with something far far better - HIMSELF !!
    Walk with God Hon, put Him first.

    Praying for you!
    Pastor Glenn
  16. yea...a

    as someone who has sort gone through this, i can say pray and ask yourself and God if the relationship is honoring God, is it taking u closer to Christ or further away... think and pray on it
  17. the truth is satan can use them to make you careful.
  18. I think he might have already made a decision by now. It was almost two years ago. :)

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