Dark, Perhaps Forever

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  1. I wonder if antimatter still puzzles them?

    Well, at least they'll have something work on for the next years or so. :p
  2. The puzzling thing about antimatter is why it is so rare.
    The weirder stuff is the dark matter. Weirdest of all is this dark energy. I guess astronomers like to call the puzzling stuff "dark."

    This ongoing wavering between a cyclical model and an eternal model is very intriguing. If the universe is going to continue expanding, then there was only one beginning. If it will eventually collapse again, then in theory the matter of the universe is eternal (though it would be "destroyed" and recreated with each cycle).
  3. This may be a dumb question, but how in the heck do they know the universe is expanding?
  4. The Doppler Shift. At least, that is how they can tell that other galaxies are moving away from ours. You could say that they cannot determine what is happening to all the galaxies that are not within sight of us, but it stands to reason that the motion would be roughly uniform.
  5. There is Biblical proof for the Universe Expansion, it says it in the Bible (I'll post the verse later!).

    And as for the theory that the universe is infinite, is an impossibility, and a fallacy all together. And this is due to the Infinite Regress, or the Vicous Regress, whatever you want to call it :D

    For example:

    If I promised to give you a chocolate bar, after an infinite amount of time, will I ever if you the chocolate bar?........No I wouldn't. Time exists only with matter, and Time is a finite thing. So in order for Time to exist, there had to be something before Time, something that IS eternal, and without Time, or matter. This thing has to be extremely intelligent, infinite, eternal, loving, and omnipresent. Who does that sound like to you? ;)

    Hope I added to this conversation.
  6. Dark matter and dark energy are simply theories (at least at this point) used to fill in gaps in the other wild and crazy theories that they are trying to use to figure out a creation of an infinite God with a small lump of gray matter.
    A big bang of what? What if someone cuts those strings with scissors?:p
    There is not even any definitive proof that black holes exist. But then there must be black l holes leaking out all this other black stuff cuase it has to come from somewhere!:eek:
  7. to be honest with you,God might have 100,s of our knowledge on the go.:eek:we have no clue to how big God is.:D
  8. Yes, they are abstract concepts that make little inuitive sense. They are just there to make the numbers fit together correctly. However, math is uncannily accurate. There is some other factor; the astronomers just don't know how to describe or explain it.

    Matter, space and time.

    As in the superstrings?

    We can see things being sucked into them. We can measure the radiation emitted from the process. Also, black holes make theoretical sense. It is a predicted result of some collapses of stars.
    So they seem very likely. Why not?

    That is certainly not the supposed origin of dark matter or dark energy.
  9. Of course not , just a little humor.

    Science cannot discover one thing that God in His wisdom hasn't already placed there. They can only work with the materials He provides and our understanding of His creation is not even in it's infancy.
  10. And also:

    If it did "bang" in the beginning, it'll end with a whimper. :D Or hopefully it will, or maybe not? Who knows!

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