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  1. Read a thoughtful article in CT re daily Bible reading. Essentially, the writer informed that for years she had been reading sort of independently, but recently began to read based on Sunday sermons in order to reflect more fully on the message delivered by the pastor. This reflects some of the frustration I have experienced with church; how are we to thoughtfully read with the published schedule, prepare for Sunday School, track the pastor and read outside of this based on interests/challenges....mand still do work, family and the rest of life. Isn't this a bit more than is reasonable? Does this not have all the ingredients for disorganization and frustration?

  2. In general I think it's a good idea to consider the traditions of your particular church, compare them with what we know from scripture, understand why they are there and what function they serve, or if they serve any beneficial function at all. What function "the service" serves will vary between churches. For example, some churches prioritize the role of small groups for study and instruction, and the role of "the pastor" and "the service" will be a bit different for these groups.

    I think that you should find whatever balance works best for you, and I expect you'll find that will change as you go along. I think we've found an ideal balance when studying scripture isn't just another thing to tick off a list, and we have the time to reflect on it enough that we are able to make changes in our lives based on what we're learning. I'm still working toward that balance! For me, studying scripture is the most useful when it's done with a small group that meets regularly (say, weekly). As trust grows, better discussion happens. You get the experience and wisdom of people with gifts besides your own, etc.

    I've moved recently, and your post reminds me that I really need to get on the ball in finding a group like that! Thanks for the reminder!
  3. I ll take no credit, but happy that perhaps God used me for your benefit.

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