Cultivating an Intimacy with God

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How do we develop a personal relationship with God?

  1. Prayer

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  2. Ministering to other's.

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  3. Reading His love letter.

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  4. Remember what His word says.

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  5. Seeking His face daily.

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  1. [​IMG]
    One of the most remarkable things about the Gospel is that, through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, an intimate relationship with God is now possible.

    The word "Cultivate" means:
    1. (Agriculture) to till and prepare (land or soil) for the growth of crops.
    2. To improve or foster (the mind, body, etc.) as by study, education or labor.
    3. To give special attention to. to cultivate a friendship; to cultivate a hobby.
    4. To seek the acquaintance or goodwill of; make friends with: cultivated the club's new members.

    Follow along with sister Grace in this very important study on having Intimacy with Yahweh.
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  2. Amen!
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  3. Amen. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Praise God.

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  4. Thank you, must love and peace to you.
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