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  1. Crying!

    Hi There!
    What does it mean when somebody crys when they encounter, or are in the presence of, God?
  2. it means you feel loved in places you felt unloved .
  3. Wow, that's incredible for me individually. That has really opened my eyes, thanks. How do you know this?
  4. It's a long story . but God has done this a lot in me .
  5. Psalm 56:8
    Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

    Isaiah 25:8
    he will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign LORD will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove the disgrace of his people from all the earth. The LORD has spoken.
  6. Thanks that's great!! (P.s. I have loads of Christian friends in Toronto by the way, at TACF!)
  7. Too me, it's an individual thing. I couldn't really answer for another person, because I don't know what they are feeling at that moment or going through either. I think there are many reasons why people cry.

  8. Ah okay. I meant it as in they don't know why they are crying because they don't feel sad at that particular moment, it just happens whenever they worship or listen to music or read the word / engage with God.
  9. What is means to me is God is cleansing me and purgering all that does not need to be in me . Sometimes it is also confimation that God is answering something in my life or sometimes it is just the overwhelming , loving presence of God , His goodness and His mercy and loving kindness .
  10. wow! thank you for your insight :)
  11. ajaynec

    Even those who are not Chrisitian have experienced tears of joy, like for instance at a wedding, or the birth of a child because they are so happy.

    If you are not sad but you cry when the Spirit of God comes on you, He is touching you in the very depth in your spirit with the joy of the Lord, His love and His peace :D
  12. Oh i've been there off and on throughout the years . one time the pastor asked me to tone it down .

  13. He he .... When you have the Holy Spirit blessing you ... How can you tone it down ?

    Yes I have been there as well .... Awesome church . You cannot come away from ther without being on fire for God ....
  14. yeah .. it was like lightning was passing through me .. just couldn't help it .
  15. LOL LOL ! :smiley90:
  16. This is how I feel when I worship the Lord. It's very rare when I don't cry and I can't help it. When I listen to the words and think about all He has done...I get overwhelmed by His love and start crying. My makeup is a mess and sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting it on before I go to church :) I LOVE worshipping the Lord. I'm always sad when it's over at church. I could do it forever!
  17. Someday we will worship forever! Won't it be glorious? :D
  18. Sometimes I feel like a sobbing child - well basically to God I am.. His sobbing child.. but you get it! I am the ultimate crier. I can cry until my eye balls fall out - its just refreshing that the Holy Ghost grabs you and won't let you go - you know He is there surrounding you and it feels like the purest form of worship - I can't even describe it but I can't really recall many times where I haven't cried even just walking around my home and getting the feeling all over my body. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!
  19. Amen ... It's the Holy Ghost 's way of refreshing and cleansing . Yes it is hard to describe .

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