creation timetable

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  1. creation timetable

    Good day to everyone!
    Simple question from my mind.
    Why did God create man (adam & eve) billions of years after he created the universe.
    From google. Universe 13-14 billion years old while man is roughly 7 million.
  2. Why shouldn't He have?

    He creats everything, why not create it when He wants?
    If I'm making something, say a story, and I have something happen at a certain part of the book that I could have had happen earlier if I wanted to. Does it matter? It happened when I chose it to happen, and God made us when he chose to.
  3. If you belive that god created man, then the universe is only a cupple of days older than man, not 14 billion. But i think the biblical version is not to be taken seriously, it's more of a guideline to show that god is the father and creator of everything.
  4. Billions of years seem like a long time to us. If time is even relevant to God, it probably seems pretty insignificant to One Who created the universe. When you are working with universal dimensions of astronomic proportions, a billion years is nothing to get excited about. I can't think of any reason why God should have been in any hurry. Maybe He just spent a few billion years admiring His handiwork, taking delight in each exquisitely perfect detail before plunking man into the mix, knowing that human history would be a pretty messy time.

    Ultimately, though, we can't answer the "why" in this case, (if, indeed, we accept the premise of old earth creation to begin with) as He simply hasn't given a reason for His time framework. The answer may be as simple as, "because He felt like it." or so complex that we couldn't follow all the math (so to speak) to make sense of it.
  5. Unfortunateky, you have gotten your information from not so a reliable resource."Google" finds what is written on the researched subject. The answers can range from vaifiable truth to absolute nonsense. You seem to have stumbled on to a common compromised position between to completly opposed mind sets concerning the origins of the universe

    The "bible" says God created the universe in six literal 24 hour days.

    "Evolutionist" say it happened by way of some cosmic accident followed by a series of random adaptations over millions or billions of years (depending upon who you speak to).
    Evolution's father "Darwin" claimed that the universe "just happened" with out higher power involvement IE" GOD" It should be noted however that Darwin (a previous believer) began his research and formed his theary denying God's creation and therefore existance after the lost of a loved one. Since it's initial release Evolutional Theary has become a primarily athiest doctrine or teaching. Evolutional theary is about 200 years old. Old testement scriptures date back some 4 to 5 thousand years. Many parts of the bible have been proven to be historicaly accurate. Evolution with all it's claims of proof is still and always has been a "Theary"because there is no way to varify anything that "supposedly" happened millions or billions of years ago.

    As I said before. . .the scriptures (Bible) says God created the universe in 6, literal, 24 hour days. Either he did or the bible is a lie. And if the bible is a lie then certianly the existance of God could ligitimately be questioned.

    So, you see, there is very little room for compromise. Certianly not enough to accomidate billions of years.

    So there is no misunderstanding. . . I whole heartedly believe that GOD (of the Bible) did in fact create the universe and all that is in it in six litral 24 hour days and rested on the seventh just as it states in the bible.

    Sincerely His
  6. Just to make things clear, a Theory in science is something that is proven to be true, but we dont have the math to fully express it.

    Like the Theory of gravity, i take it you believe that the earth is not flat, well, since it's a ball, it would make you fall off without gravity, but hey, it's just a Theory...

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