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"Creation" - A Poem

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by NearertoGod, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. "Creation" - A Poem



    The Universe is your footstool,
    The stars are your staff.
    The galaxies are your colorful cloaks,
    The invisible matter is your breath of Life.

    Without you the world would not exist,
    Without you we would not be here.
    Creation is what it is called,
    For you are the Potter...and we are the Pot.

    Oh Lord of the Heavens,
    Merciful and Just and True,
    You are King of Kings
    And Lord of Lords.

    No one is greater than you!
    For your hand holds Jupiter,
    And your finger balances Mercury,
    And we are but a mere speck in all of your Glory.

    But you hold no favors,
    You love all of your Creation,
    No matter its size or intelligence,
    Or beauty or knowledge.

    For we are all equal in the Lord God's Eyes.

    - By NearertoGod -
  2. Nearer, that was realy good! It's easy to see that you know your Lord and you have a way of expressing it. I do not have a talent for poetry. It was lovely. Bonnie
  3. Thank you, Bonnie. I think that's my second poem about God, I'm not sure. I usually don't keep a track record on them. :)

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