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  1. You should be logged first in to create a new thread. If you are unsure, please visit:

    To create a new thread (Start a new discussion)

    1. At the homepage, select a forum. If you are new, start with the 'New Members Welcome Area'. Click on this forum, to enter.

    2.You will see a list of threads or discussions in this forum. Click 'Post New Thread' to start a new discussion.

    3.Type in a Title and type in the contents in the bigger box. Click 'Watch this thread' to be notified of replies via email. At the end click 'Create thread'.

    4.Congratulations, you have just created a new thread, i.e started a new discussion in the 'New Members Welcome Area. On the navigation bar (the one with Home > Forums > General Forum > New Members Welcome Area) click 'New Members Welcome Area' to go up one level.

    5.Can you see your thread in the list? Now wait for replies and visit other discussions.
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