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  1. My dad and I have been having some heated discussion about evolution and now he wants me to watch Cosmos with him. After doing some research it seems this Neil deGrasse Tyson guy thinks secular science is 100% correct in it's estimations, and the show bashes on people who don't agree with things like evolution and the big bang.

    Right as my dad was going to sit me down to watch the show, the tv stopped working! Halleluyah! I've put it off for another day, I just hope God makes him forget it all together. :D

    I know TubbyTubby will probably view this thread. So hello Tubby!
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  2. I only saw episode one and it was so dull of assumption based conclusions and mis-statements of historical fact that I decided not to watch the rest. The foundational premises being what's called "invalid derivations" then chances are great (according to probabilities) that the following programs contain or be effected by these.
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    Yep: The Lord can do that.

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