Congratulations Dusty! Promotion to Moderator!

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by xspinningisfun, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Congratulations Dusty! Promotion to Moderator!

    CFS would gladly like to announce that Dusty is promoted to Moderator!

    Congratulations, Dusty! We are so happy to have you here on board!

    All moderators look good in RED! :D


  2. It's nice to see she's back on board.

    Good luck. We need the extra help.
  3. Hope that works out for you . will be praying for you to do well taking care of us all .

    Love bless .
  4. Congrats Dusty
  5. Wow .... Thanks guys .

    I just came on to see this and am praying that I will be able to help out once again . Please pray that I can help HisManySongs and the rest of the staff as I have some catching up to do as have not been a Mod for a while .

    Thanks again .
  6. You will do a great job sis
  7. Wow, congratulations and welcome back to the team. :D
  8. Congratualtions!! And happy to pray for you on this!! Shall uphold ya constantly!
  9. Congratulations Dusty.
  10. congratulations
  11. Thanks once again for all your well wishes.
  12. Congratulations!!!

  13. Thanks GodSpeaks
  14. You couldnt tell I was excited could you? LOL
  15. Wow, Dusty, it's so good to see you back as a Mod again!!

    Much love and well done!

    - BM
  16. Ha ha .... Yes , I could .... Thanks

    Thanks Bondman .... Much work to be done . I welcome the opportunity that the Lord has given me again to be of help to this great team of guys and gals . God Bless .


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