Conformation and/or awakening

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  1. I appear As a passenger in a car and I sit in the back behind the driver. There are 3 other riders. I feel as though I am in a place I don't belong. Now, we are air born and when we come down we are plowing under the snow. The windshield comes in and snow too. The others are taken out and snow is All in the car but the spot I sit was dry, however, I was buried under the heavy weight. I start digging my way upwards through the windshield.

    Looking for conformation or awaking.
    All praise, glory and honor be unto God Amen
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  2. My wife is a dreamer. I am not! And there are occasions when she has very clear dreams, which sticks in her mind. Somewhat very similar. Some danger happens, but she alone is safe. Like there is some protection just around her. And everyone else is impacted and she alone is safe. And it often follows with something that comes through her which she would be totally unaware and somehow escapes the situation! We take it as signs from Lord that He is reminder her that He is always with her and looking out for her! Stick on to Lord and keep praising Him :)
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