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  1. I hadn't been aware that some Christian churches apart from the Catholics practice confession, I have seen Corporate Confession and Absolution done in the Lutheran church, but I've been told they do individual confession as well. Who else does?
  2. You mean confession to priest?
  3. Or pastor. Anything really that constitutes confession.
  4. in that case, not in my Church. I have not seen that done in any Assemblies of God Church. because AoG doctrinally does not believe in that..
  5. Oh, is Assemblies of God pentecostal? I'm not familiar with them.
  6. Assemblies of God is a mainline Protestant Pentecostal church.
    One of the largest Pentecostal denominations if I remember correctly.
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  7. Confession to clergy is accepted by the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Thomasine, and Coptic Churches also.
  8. The Anglican Church also recognizes the sacrament of confession.
  9. It was the Lutherans that surprised me. I think that they are a lot closer to the Catholics than I ever knew. Just the other day I discovered a piece of music by Praetorius (so this was around Luther's some, 1500s I think) and it was called "Lutheran Mass for Christmas Morning." Interesting that there was something called a "Lutheran Mass" at one time.
  10. I'd say in comparing Protestant groups to the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church is one that you could find similarities, probably because Martin Luther continued to promote certain things as being absolutely necessary within the Christian faith.

    Traditionally, Lutherans practice the sacraments (though with some differences -- they believe in CONsubstantiation, not TRANsubstantiation). They still perform the Eucharist as the climax of the mass, Marian devotion, confession, the holy order, etc. Many Lutherans do call a service a Mass.

    I actually work for an organization that is predominately Lutheran in fact -- it was founded by a Lutheran minister and his successor is also a Lutheran minister.
  11. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. (‭James‬ ‭5‬:‭16‬ NLT)
    As long as I've been attending church, I can't remember this ever happening within the church congregation. I know this is different than the sacrament of confession you're speaking of, it brought this verse to mind and then how I feel this verse is often spoken but rarely followed within the Protestant denominations. Most Protestants will blast Catholics for going to a priest, and at the same time fail to go to there brother and confess.
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  12. Right. Glomug is correct. Assemblies of God is probably the largest pentecostal denomination..
  13. I can honestly say with all my years as a Protestant, this was almost never practices. Praying for each other--absolutely. Confessing to one another? Not unless we felt like it, but it was never taught as something we really must do.
  14. I had heard that the book that commands it (James, 5:16) was on the chopping block of books Luther wanted removed from the Bible, but I'm not sure why it wasn't cut like the other 7. The issue he had was that they didn't like the idea of works being necessary for salvation.
  15. I think there were a total of 12 (more or less) books that Luther intended on chopping actually.

    Luther cut the dueterocanonical books of course, but then he also wanted to cut Esther, Daniel, Jude, Revelation, but the one he especially did not like was James -- he is recorded as despising the book of James and only left that one in out of pressure from his peers. Though parts of Esther and Daniel are still left out.
  16. Just an observation, but with so many people seeing the Bible as a finite, unchanging and crucial book, it sure seems like a lot of people through history have thought nothing of chopping entire books from it.
  17. Well, each event with these happening need to be closely reviewed. For example, before the Scriptures were officially being compiled and canonized into the Bible, both Israel and the Alexandria area were in conflict since the dueterocanonical books were only recorded in Greek. And then the Catholic Church held a council to figure out which books were truly inspired by God and which weren't, which is how we have the Bible today, especially the NT. Books like Enoch, Thomas, etc. were left out through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Though there are other cases of books be chopped out afterwards which I think is a problem since the Bible is a holy book.
  18. The sad thing is when it involves two people and they don't communicate to one another. Then you have a fist fight in the parking lot after the deacons meeting, then you see the for sale sign come up next.
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  19. Sounds so accurate that it must be a personal experience.
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