Concert that brings you to tears

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  1. Concert that brings you to tears

    Ok i apologize if the title didn't make any sense.

    So heres the deal... i went to a concert not too long ago with a couple christian friends of mine to see some bands by the name of Disciple, Family Force 5, FireFlight, and Decypher Down.

    Well the concert was great as it usually is in Michigan crowds. However, this was no ordinary concert. It was in a church near Jackson, Michigan. If you have never heard of any of these bands, they are die hard live for Christ musicians.

    Well Disciple was the first time i have ever seen them live along with the rest who i have never heard of. I went because my friend and me always venture to concerts together.

    Well Disciple was playing and in between a song they would stop and talking about salvation through out Lord Jesus Christ. They spoke Romans 12 (if my memory serves me correctly). They had prayer, and everything.

    Mind you this was my first christian concert. I almost cryed when the singer said "Lord we ask of you to purify each and every individual who is here, in your name"... i was a christian man before this, but my faith was skeptical. To this day i have never had an experience like this before.

    So i ask for you to share your stories if you have any.
  2. Every month we have a youth concert called "synergy" [meaning to be allergic to sin :D] It's soooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. A band called Latterain performs contemporary Christian rock & worship songs. It's amazing praising God and jumping to his name. The kids @ our church have a hip hop and worship team & we perform worship dances. In fact the next synergy will be held next week Friday. :D Alot of people come and give their lives to the Lord. It's just gr8 XD
  3. Man that'd be a sweet concert to be at. Those are all top notch bands. I highly recommend Decyfer Down's debut CD "End of Grey", it's one of my favorites.

    I'm gonna try to go to the Icthus Festival in June (of 2008) so I can see my favorites at the same time.
  4. A good christian consert is an awesome thing- the musicians play their instruments in worship to God just as the lyrics are worship- it is one of my favourite things to attend.
  5. A performer called Jake Issac came to my church when I was new there...I think he came in my second week. Anyway, he played his set, and it was absolutely awesome, and the songs brought me to tears in the same way you described. I think it was then I really gave myself to God.
  6. The band that has really impressed me by their open witness more than any other was Petra. Seeing them live was an incredible experience, and their love for Christ really showed at every concert. One of the bass players that I occassionally play with used to record with them, and he said that they were "real". Other bands he had recorded with, Christian or otherwise, were all the same. Cursing, drinking, whatever. But not Petra.
  7. awesome :D i gave my life @ a concert 2 [April 16, 2007!!!]

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