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  1. There are times in life when we face the question of whether a given action or choice is wrong or not and we don’t see a clear cut answer. It may be an event that we have not prayed over before, not faced before, not explicitly described in scripture, or that we simply have not yet seen in our studies.
    Sometimes a given action is neither right or wrong in and of itself and when faced with such a choice and the response to the questions of “Is it right?” and “Is it wrong?” both seem to be no then the following considerations need to be dealt with.

    If we are concerned about it being wrong to do then we should not do it because our conscience is bothered by it (Rom 14:20-23).

    If our conscience is not bothered by it then it is essentially ok for us to do (Rom 14:14), but if it somehow leads another to do something that bothers their conscience then it is wrong for us to do (1 Cor 8:10-13).

    The ultimate litmus test for Christians is found in (Matt 22:36-40 & Mark 12:29-31) in the two great commandments spoken of by Jesus.

    We must ask ourselves two questions:
    1) Does this truly honor God?
    2) Will this cause my brother or sister to stumble?

    We need to learn to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit within us. If we learn this we will know what glorifies God and what does not.

    If it truly honors God then go for it, but if it can hurt someone by example then back away like it’s a rabid animal that doesn’t want you around.
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  2. Your last suggestion is really hard for others to do, in my opinion, though I believe that it is good advice.
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  3. And I say Amen
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  4. Hi Eric,
    Thank you for blessing us with a well thought out post.
    I have found that as time goes by and you build on your relationship with the Father it becomes easier to make these choices and yet some times we simply have to stop and pray and say I am not going to do anything until I hear from you.

    On the other side, sometimes God wilol ask us to do something that does not seem right to us at the time or scares us and we have to decide to trust and obey or walk away. That too is a learning experience as well.
    Have a wonderful blessed week
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  5. And as we meditate upon the Word....we build up an abundance within our that if we have no time to pray, what is in us in abundance will come out and lead and guide us Matthew 12:34b-37.

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  6. Amen to what she said !!!!
  7. Considering that different people have different degrees of apathy or stress I find it difficult to follow your claim that if it bothers your conscious that it is wrong. What bothers one person may not bother another so how do we rectify that seeming disparity?

    Suppose it is a question of purchasing a new car or saving the money for a family vacation, neither of which truly honors God and neither of which causes anyone to stumble and either decision will leave a person with a bothered conscious because they may need a new car but they also need to spend time with their family.

    I am curious what your suggestion would be in a situation like this which seems to occur in my life quite often. They are not life or death decisions but they are still things which require me to make a choice.
  8. When it comes to different people we need to do what we feasibly can to protect the weaker brother or sister (Romans 14: 14-23). We are all at different places in our walk with Jesus, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we all have different missions for which we are gifted.

    As to your question of the purchase: a number of ways of handling that spring to mind, but in short terms when all of the apparent decisions seem to be wrong it often means that we need to wait or there is a solution that we just haven't seen yet.
    If it is an immediately critical situation, then you just have to choose the lesser of the evils. That may sound callous, but the results of mans sin sometimes put us in that position.
    As examples:
    # Someone is actively physically hurting someone else and the only way I have to stop them is by maiming or killing them...
    # I am a medic/emt in a mass casualty emergency situation with limited resources on hand and no mater how I manage those resources someone is going to die...
  9. That makes sense I suppose, with limited options there is only so much we can do.
  10. Its also worth remembering that seeking counsel from other believer's can be helpful in many non-emergent situations (prov 11:14).
  11. Decisions, like the one you describe are most often with family (spouse?) or close friend. In that case it is important that the issues and expectations surrounding the question are discussed before your minds are made up. I have found that these kinds of issues have come up between my wife and I when we each have begun making tentative plans in our own mind and have not discussed it with each other. I have been caught several times making the assumption that my wonderful wife would greatly appreciate what I had in mind, only to find that she had a completely different outcome in hers! Sometimes main the reason for an argument is not the question at issue, but because an expectation of appreciation from the other is not met. It's hard to live up to the unvoiced expectations of your partner. It is just as hard for your partner to live up to YOUR unvoiced expectations.

    It is not who 'wins' or 'loses'. The concept of win and loss should not be an issue (of course not being perfect yet, I too many times let it). It is more a point of truly understanding the other's point of view and believing that the other understands yours. When you are both secure in that knowledge, the final result of the discussion will not hurt either.

    By the way, either action you mentioned (buying a car or going on vacation can honor God). It is also a false approach to assume that the other person's position is more or less honoring to the Lord.
  12. I think seeking counsel of other christians can be good, but one must still discern whether the counsel is just and true. Many , rather all of us, are at different points along the way in our journey. Seeking counsel from someone that is still influenced by the world can be just as faulty as seeking advice from an atheist.
  13. The new car or family vacation.
    Well, I would I really need a new car and what would I do with the old one? Can I give it to someone who needs it, if its still good to drive?

    The family vacation. Well God likes us to take our sabbath rests. If we have been working really hard and exhausted and need a break there is no harm in taking a vacation. Also vacations are joyous occasions, givng everyone good memories, so why not?
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  14. In my opinion...if one is married it should be discussed among the two, and first of all prayed about. My other belief is that as one prays and commits their plans to God, then He will give the people (if married) or person (if unmarried) peace to proceed with whatever it is that they are seeking God for.

    Each one of us has been given the Holy Spirit, and we are to be internally led by Him. So in the case of what is right for one person and not right or peaceful for another depends upon what God has planned for each person.
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