computer glitch...need advice

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  1. computer glitch...need advice

    I have a horrible nasty feeling my hard drive is about to die. Today I finished transfering files back to my computer which has xp pro on it...and gave my son the vista ultimate one...but it wont let me scan using spybot s&d or let me use reg mechanic...and a trojan remover one...but it just shuts down on the first 2 and is jumpy when it re boots...when I am online everything is fine...and the disk defrag says I have 75% of space also will not let me use disk clean up in system tools...but will let me use ccleaner...

    So other than my comp being a schizophrenic

    why is she poorly?~sobs heart out~
  2. I do not know but in a situation like this I tend to go to and post on their technical forum. I have been greatly helped by them.
  3. I have joined and put the question there....usually I can sort these things out...but this just has me scratching my head:cool:
  4. Try putting the winxp Pro disk and boot (restart pc and boot from CD rom) from the CD and try a repair from it! if you don't know how to boot from a cd please tell me and I will try my best to help

    but first try this sis,
    run the command "run" in start menu and type this:
    sfc /scannow

    this command will probably ask you for the winxp pro cd, put it and let it finish, it will probably take a bit of time.
    if nothing changes, then try the repair from the boot up with the winxp pro cd in the cd-rom/dvd-rom

    if nothing is fixed then it may very well be the hard disk, how long have you had this hard disk for ?

    if you do buy a new one, make sure you buy Seagate and not western digital. in fact there's a very cheap one for around only 80 $ canadian which is around 40 UK pound. It is 500gb and 32 mb cache also called the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500gb Sata 3gb/s

    I am very happy with that harddrive I bought it around June and it's very fast and much more reliable according to reviews than other hard drives and lasts longer also and all I can say is that it's so cheap (money wise) :D
    if you don't want 500gb you can go for less and it will reduce the price also such as a 320 gb or 160gb and I bet it will almost free haha =D either way, 80 $ for a new hard drive is nothing these days :) so much better if it's even 40-60$ for a less space one.

    but it is indeed a hassle having to reinstall windows and all our stuff.
  5. It wont let me run any anti virus which makes me hope that it is only a will let me run trojan remover and it picked up no will not let me defrag...but I will try the 2 links you have given me....I have my files backed u on webspace and my vista computer.
  6. ok the defrag worked...brilliantly may I add!

    The computer still switched of when doing the virus scan with threat fire...although threat fires protection in real time works great...this is looking more and more like a virus that does not want tobe found...I cant remember how to switch of my running process...I have gone into my registery in reg edit the normal way and things 'look' fine and even though I am not a beginner at computers I do not know everything(I wish) can anyone help on that?:)
  7. I mean can they help with the running process?
  8. With the exception of Threatfire (which does not operate in the traditional way of virus scans) it can create a problem running more than one virus scan at a time.
    You might do well to run your virus scan while in safe mode . If that still does not work then use the start bar ,type in and run msconfig. Click on the start up tab and turn off all unnecessary functions (and especially any new ones that you do not recognize). Windows will generally tell you if you select a critical system file so reselect those. After a restart only the selected features will then start at boot. If you are not sure if your firewall and virus scan are on then disconnect from the internet before starting. You do not want a hacker getting your info and in fact after this is cleaned up I recommend either installing a new fire wall or uninstalling and reinstalling your current one. This will give you a fresh chance to recognoze the progams trying to access your network as friend or foe.
  9. I am only doing 1 scan at a time. I have tried the safe mode route and it either does not load the antivirus or still switches the computer of. I am aboutto try misconfig which is what Iwas looking for. If this doens't work I am going to just have to reformat the drive from disk(can do it blind folded...well maybe not but you get the idea) which means I have to spend the next 2 days re transfering my files once it is done grrr...

    if all else fails...i'm getting a mac!!!!:cool:
  10. I had a Trojan a while back that so effectively permeated my system that I had to get the factory to re imprint the original operating system on my hard drive- it was a really nasty little thing.
    It sounds like you know what to do from here but one single word of warning- do not shut your PC down when reinstalling Windows or you may have issues.
    I hope everything works out as smoothly as possible. In the mean time watch your firewall very carefully to make sure no unauthorized porgrams are data mining your PC.
  11. pcspecalist gave me the orginal disks to use to back up...not just the windows disk so no worries about that...its just a irritating more than anything...the misconfig did not work...looks like I reformat...*sobs*
  12. Well that sounds good! Let me know how you make out.
  13. did you try my suggestions about the "sfc /scannow" in the run command
    and also booting up with windows xp pro cd to do a repair ?
  14. I just tried doing the repair...which by the way can be done by clicking f8 on boot up...and its offical...the drive is dead....I need to get a
    new comp...I have tried for hours now to do a new install and just get the blue screen of wont even load on last known good configuration...

    I'm on the laptop b4 anyone points out the obvious lol

    she had a good run..only 2 problems prior to
    this in 6 files are safe...and if I lost anything they couldnt' have been that important. I would just stick to the lap top but it has finger sensitive keypad and is usless for writing 1000+ word essays...

    I'm heart broken...but I will get over it...

    unfortuantly I know the type of computer I like...but if I mention this to my bank manager he will roll about in hysterical I will have to go with one I can afford...I have a grant from the uni for about £200 and I can put about another 200 to that so it will have to be low specs...I have all my graphis stuff on this one so I'm not exactly at a disadvantage.....


    spoilt hahahaha
  15. I just bought me a new one ...I will be changing the OS though as I disliked vista ultimate intently

    Acer Aspire M3200 AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 1TB 2GB DVD-RW GF 8400 GS Vista Home
  16. yay congrats :)

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