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  1. I’m new here, and I’m really impressed with the Welcome Package. Its humor is wonderful, but the style might be improved.

    For example, the first line, “The Holy Scriptures, in it's original form, is the inerrant Word of God…” has a typo; it’s should be its.

    Or are you simply trying to see who reads the Welcome Package.

    In school, I try to include a mistake to see if the teacher really reads my work. For example I wrote: Even though my dangly earrings and clinkly bracelets make me appear to be Tarzan’s Delilah, I am really Ali Baba’s Morgiana.

    The teacher circled, Tarzan and wrote, “Do you mean Sampson?” so I know she read it.

    So La Diablita on my left shoulder says, “Ask CFS if the typo is deliberate.”

    I like to run. My boyfriend likes to run. He is teaching me to play tennis. After we run, he uses me to wipe the tennis court, and his sweaty, salty hugs give me the highest of highs.

    The real highlight of any week is going to mass with my mother. If anything is bothering me, we talk about it. It sort of cleanses my soul. Sometimes during mass I go to sleep or I meditate. I’m not sure what to call it. I believe that I’m awake, but I am concentrating so much on the events that I expect to happen in the week ahead that I am unaware that my brother poking me, “Ghid, time go. Ghid, time go.” It is so cool. Something about mass gets me ready for the next week. Well, I’m weard.

    We have a dog, Goldfish. That is a funny story.

    I have three older brothers. The two of he older brothers have grown up, and they have gone to seek their fortunes.

    I miss my brothers. They played word games with me. That is how I learned to speak English.

    I don’t have any real plans for a career, except that I want to go to college to widen the options. I’m interested in the creative process. Last year in school I learned about ethos, pathos, and logos, the three reason that people believe what they believe.

    Ethos is I believe because someone said so. Pathos is I believe because of some emotional attachment. Logos is I believe because of a logical argument. Often the premise of an argument is an ethos.

    The more creative we can be with ethos, the more likely we will be to find the way things are. For example, Michael Faraday belonged to a Christian denomination that believed that people related to each other in a circle, but before Faraday, all of the know forces traveled in straight lines. His ethos in circular relationships may have led him to visualize magnetic fields as circular, which indeed they are.

    Probably, I have babbled enough.
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  2. You're humore is wunderfull! Ill enjoy any enterations with you, I'm sure.

    Personaly, I love english and got grate grades in it thru highschool and collage, so I don't think well have problems. Irregardless, Ill do my best when writeing to you -- just too be nice.


    Oh, good night -- I'm cruel! I couldn't resist writing like that. Maybe the devil made me do it! :D But I have to tell you something that may shock you. I watched, and when I typed irregardless, it didn't tell me that the spelling was wrong! Can you believe that?

    Welcome here! :)

    I have to tell you, however, that I am a sloppy typist. I do a LOT of typos. Please don't let it irritate you -- I come here mainly to interact with my new friends here, and things slip by me.
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  3. Welcome!!! Thanks for the info! God bless!
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  4. I'm famous for typos. One time I wrote the plural of tests as testes. Spell Check didn't catch the error because, like irregardless, it is a word. Or not, my spell checker says its not. Please don't tell my grandmother. It is her favorite word.

    I like going to school. That is lucky for me because if I didn't, Mom would tie me to a chair and beat me with a rubber hose.

    That is hyperbole, which is the wonderful thing about English Class. The teachers encourage infinite imagination whereas in science, reality slaps people down and beats them with a rubber hose.

    The rubber hose thing is a family tradition. It comes from a poem by Billy Collins. The first time I heard my brother say it, I became so upset that I stood between him and Mom.

    "Please, no hurt brother."

    I don't know if I remember the incident or if I have heard the story so many times that I have formed a false memory. When Mom tells the story, I am crying an Alice in Wonderland pool of tears. So I learned about hyperbole long before I could spell the word.

    Anyway, like you said, English is a totally cowabunga, holy moly cool part of school. It has its tedious parts like "let's see, do I put the footnote before or after the period? is the period or question mark before or after the parenthesis? But its possibilities are endless.

    We must be in Iraq. Again, I babble on.
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  5. Thank you. I feel blessed, I hope by God. I don't know why he picked me, but I definitely feel blessed.
  6. Alo, Ghid, nice welcome post you gots theyre. Salty hugs giveth me 2 highest of highs. *high five*
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  7. Hel loooo Dali,

    Your avatar looks like it might be Salvador Dali. I know about him because copies of his paintings decorate the walls of my Spanish classroom. And, ... my grandmother insisted I watch a documetary about Carol Channing, who decorates on the back of the Arkansas quarter. The diamond shines brigthly, and it obscures her image. Granny says that it is like the Emperor's New Clothes.

    Channing never missed a performance. Sometimes she went from the stage to the hospital, but she showed up for every performance. Performance is a legal term for doing that which is promised to do. According to my youth director person, that makes Channing is an example of "don't take the Lord's name in vain," the commandment about doing what is promised to do.

    Babble babble
  8. Thank you
  9. You are correct. It is the man you believe it to be. I've always enjoyed his Christian paintings. I use to have a copy of the Saint Anthony. When I was 17 I was walking around the mall. I saw the painting, and had to get it. I never had a piece of art work stir an emotion in me, until I had seen that.

    To me it represents the Christian in a sinful world. What he has to go up against, and what he has to fight against it.
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  10. Hello, welcome to CFS!
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  11. Thank you
  12. I had not seen this painting. I can see how it might represent sin. I¿m not surprised that it is not on the wall at school like some other Dali works. To my grandmother, Saint Anthony helps find lost things, like her glasses or the TV remote. I bet that she has never seen this Dali painting either.
  13. Hello and apologies for the late reply, God bless you and i hope you enjoy CFS....
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  14. Oh, I think you and I will get along just fine.

    Welcome to the forums :)
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  15. Thank you.
  16. I would like that very much, and thank you.
  17. I read it. I found it. I hope it was intentional or I'm gonna feel like a smart aleck. "Well, I’m weard."
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  18. It probably wasn't intentional, haha.
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  19. Gone Fishing to be a fisher of men. That is so cool. :)

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