Colossians Chapter 3:1-17

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  1. Colossians Chapter 3:1-17

    Now this is sound advice . I notice especially the "set your minds" instruction .

    I would suppose everyone but me would interpret this figuratively . I really think i did die . but guess that doesn't matter or change anything about what is written next .

    Hmm so because of covetousness in its various forms the wrath of God is coming . good to know . Putting to death seems an interesting thing to say . doesn't give any instructions on how to do that so maybe that's something God has to teach you .

    So then i think .. literal or figurative .. the death thing? but hmmmmm i think either way the important part is that the previous way of life is spoken of in the past tense as if you had died and were given a new life in a new body .

    Hmm i think we all need an instruction manual regarding putting off the old self . because it is written "you must" rid from yourself all these bad things .. but doesn't say how . so must be something God instructs us on since each person is different .

    Hmm put on the new self .. now how did we do that? God must have shown us .. and provided the new self . "renewed in the image .." so that's like the self of the bad stuff mentioned in verses 8&9 was gotten rid of somehow i guess died .. er maybe . yeah dead anyway kinda like Adam died the same day he ate the fruit perhaps . but i'm still reading it literally ;) . So we are now a new species . the outward appearance means nothing . our nationality means nothing . our social status means nothing . Because when God looks at us all in Christ . He sees Christ . Read Gal 3:28 to complete the list of what we are not and what we are in Christ if you are so interested .

    Therefore .. let's see what it is there for .. so from the above passage .. how does one get .. that we are therefore God's chosen people? I think the whole .. you died and now have put on God's very appearance and likeness does it .. but that's just me ;)

    Therefore, holy and dearly loved .. hmm so if you didn't feel holy yourself and dearly loved yourself when reading the above passage the first time . know that understanding that being of those whom it is said "Christ is all . and is in all ." are holy and dearly loved . go back and read it again .

    I'd say this a core principle . but the instruction on how to do any of these things seems to be missing . therefore .. God must have the answer . Go seek Him and ask Him to lead you from knowledge into all truth .

    Hmm this is interesting . "let" the peace of Christ rule in your hearts . so .. what obstructs it .. and what constitutes .. letting? i guess again . this is where one seeks God and finds out for themselves . As a body we were called to peace . we were not called to be anything else . peace is the characteristic of our calling as a body . Thankfulness and peace kinda go hand in hand .

    Well .. i don't think the passage is asking us to be oversaved, but this definitely is an interesting instruction . it says to teach each other based how you've been living the words of Christ (wisdom) . I think i've seen other translations where it says to greet each other with love songs to God (indwelling) but this one seems more "as you worship God together in song ." tehe . big difference . :blush:

    Whatever you do, speaking or acting, do it in Christ's name/honour/authority in a spirit of thankfulness toward God the Father .

    So... what i've gotten from this .. we've been given a whole bunch of instructions that are counter-intuitive with no instructions to actually complete those tasks . but the good news is we have Christ indwelling . So it is sure that what is impossible for us to do . will be possible with God very God indwelling us . Father transform us . if we have the old nature on . help us learn to take it off . and if we have the new nature on but put on the old smelly socks for some reason . help us see that . and teach us how to fully take off the old nature . and how to fully put on the new self . and i know you are faithful in providing the love and power to walk in that life also . as we walk toward you . may we not be the same ever again . in Jesus name Amen .
  2. 1 Corinthians 7:29-31
  3. Thanks for this study Michael . A lot of wonderful concepts . But bottom line like you said is we have denounce the old flesh and put on the new not putting back in to our lives things that we know are not edifying to God . and how do we do that ? By the renewing of our spirit , daily . By reading the word , praying and meditating on what the Lord would have us to do for our day .

    With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can proclaim victory in our lives as we walk in the Light of Jesus Christ.

    Each morning as we pray we need to put on the full armour of God ( not partial ) because our enemy is lurking around the corners , waiting to see where he can fire his darts.... so by clothing ourselves in the armour his darts cannot penetrate.
  4. Thanks Dusty,

    And what is the full armour of God? it is the full nature of God as God said to Abraham,

    "I am your shield and exceeding great reward."

    be clothed in God every day . it is not a chore or a duty, it is an honour and the best part of any day .
  5. Exactly . I like your version of the armour of God and can I add mine to the mix .

    The Armour of God .

    This is our protection each day as we go out into the world . We need to put on the armour . When we practice these steps and it becomes part of our life , we will also be able to tell satan ... get thee behind me .

    Because we are in a battle every day with our flesh but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

    The Armour
    Paul related in those days to the armour because they were on the battleground against the Romans. But we can relate to our day as well

    1….. Belt of Truth…. The belt for the soldier would hold their pants up and the belt held the sword.
    Truth is the foundation. Everything is built on Truth . Truth holds everything together just as the belt does. Satan is a lier and a deceiver so if you have truth you can defeat him. Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

    2…. Breastplate of Righteousness ( Protects the heart ) No errow could hit them in their heart because of the breastplate that they wore. We are told to guard our heart . Don’t leave home with out the breast plate.

    3…… The Shoes … vs 15 ….. Soldiers would wear sandals but they had spikes on the bottom for firm footing. When we have a firm footing in the Word of God …. Nothing can move us. Picture these shoes holding firmly planted on the ground.
    Solid …. Believe in Jesus because we are firmly grounded. We bring peace and good news of Jesus. Shoes are the Gospel of Faith.

    4…Shield of Faith
    The shield was made of light wood covered in leather . This would extinguish the fiery darts from the attacks of the enemy. In this way we must put up our shield of faith to with stand satan’s fiery darts.

    This protected the soldier and prevented the opponents swords from wounding. In the same way we need to put on the Helmet of Salvation because satan is after your heart and your mind. The helmet is the grace of God so that we know we are forgiven.

    6.... Sword

    Word of God ... The Bible . When we apply the Word every day we are applying Truth into our spirit for nourishment and protection.

    Remind yourself every day that you are a child of God and by the renewal of your mind you will not believe satan’s lies. We need to protect ourselves.and advance in the army of God. We have a weapon “ the Sword “ the Word of God. The Word of God is what we use to push back satanic attacks.

  6. That's great Dusty,

    some passages on the sword came to mind while reading that .

    Revelation 19:15
    Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. "He will rule them with an iron scepter." He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.

    So the enemy may shoot fiery darts out of their mouths but we must be careful of our words because they have a different quality .

    Hebrews 4:12
    For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

    I have been attacked with this sword in the past . and i can testify that it really hurts! the lesson for me in this is, always be discerning of who your "targets" are . if possible .
  7. Amen Michael and that is why we need a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit every day . It is the Holy Spirit that gives us discernment.
  8. Colosians is one of my favorite books. There's such richness in it every new Christian should read and apply it as soon as possible after being saved

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