College Student Who Wants To Move Out.

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What do you think I should do? Though I really want to move out.

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  1. Stay home finish school

  2. Find a place where college students can stay

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  3. Pray

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  1. Hi , I would like to know your opinion . I have two sisters who are with me on this thoughts we want to move out of our parents house. Our parents are suppose to be save. But they are always giving us a hard time . I am the one who is usually fine with the things they do but lately now their on my back about things and blow things out of portion . We are the youngest of the many kids they have and the oldest act like little kids being 30 plus years of age for both of the other kids. I feel my atmosphere is not conducive to growing spiritually in The Lord. And I know The Lord told me about long suffering and to bare each other burdens but I'm like I feel like they are hindering me from being at my best with Jesus We are always wrong and most times it's the other party that gets in arguemente with either my parents or my older sisters who act our age. I don't want to grow up like them. I want to be strong and develop a great relationship with The Lord without being told I don't have a relationship with God if I act the way I act. Also I don't have any licenses or a job yet but I feel I need to get away from my family . They hold grudges when I try to forgive them. I don't want no part of this.Many nights I pray on this but I feel better than it goes back to the same stuff.
  2. finish school. You will be glad you did for the rest of your life.
  3. Hmmmm....'Honor your Father and Mother" comes to mind....

    Doesn't say you have to 'like' them or what they do-but you do have to love them and obey under their roof. God will honor your doing so. I agree with jushhuntnm- finish school! And might I add; STAY AWAY from the boys; don't mess around or 'hook up'. All it does is screw up your future. God will honor this too.

    If you are unskilled and have no job I would not qualify you as an adult if you cannot support yourself; better stick it out at home....

    Who's blessings do you seek more? God's or your parent's? Following God's way will pay dividends in the future, disobedience starts a lifelong trail of me....I KNOW!

    It WON'T be this way forever; even though right now it seems like it will go on like this for eternity.
  4. I am at the same stage that you are in my life (meaning still staying at home and wanting to move out).
    Finding a job is not an easy thing to do, no matter where you are so the best option would be to stay home untill you have a stable job. That is to say, unless the Lord is telling you to do something different. That is where praying comes in and no one can truely tell you what would be best except for the Lord.
    Things are a bit different for our generation than the generations before us. I don't know how things are where you live but the world just isn't a safe place anymore and leaving a secure environment (your parents home) is a huge step to take.
    It sounds like even though you don't always get along with your family you are still safe in your home and that is a big factor to take into consideration.
    Hope it helps :).
  5. Thank you for your response and welcoming . Though I really want to move out. I guess I have to stick it out until it's time for me to be on my own.
  6. Thanks and I think you are right, especially with the boy thing, I learned that without having to go to far with them and seeing what things my female kins went through concerning them. I feel I am not interested in them at this point. Myself is enough to worry about. And I seek Blessings from God. But thanks for your advice .
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  7. It's the same here where I'm from . People are always going missing, shootings weekly sometimes daily. It's good to know there are people who are going through what I am going throug and I'm not alone. And The Lord truely is the only one who knows best!
  8. Stay wise in the ways of the Lord; and you will do just fine. (y)

    Be Blessed Sister

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