Climate Change

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  1. Hey, let's talk about climate change. [​IMG]
  2. Chemtrails! The government controls the weather! :p
  3. Of course one time i heard that it rained concrete in Russia :p
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  4. Out here in California the drought has been really bad. We had a few clouds the other month and I was hoping they would seed the clouds with their iodide, but they did not.
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    What's iodide? More specifically how does it affect clouds?
  6. Iodide is one of the largest monatomic anions.
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  8. Climate always changes...:p
  9. but is the climate worse now then at any time in the past 6000 years?
  10. We've only been watching the last 150 years... no way to tell. In the 70's it was "OH NO!!! New Ice Age coming!!" It's all about making more money and scaring them to fork over more money. I agree we must take better care of the planet and we could be FAR more advanced in that area if money were NOT involved. When I was in college there was a contest to see who could get the most gallons per mile vehicle. The physics department got it up to 80 mpg and GM paid the school and bought the technology and promptly "filed" it. If these governments were serious things would be much better than they are today. It's ALL about money. Any issue when you analyse it you'll find it's about money.
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  11. The car is terraforming the Earth. in 1900 there were virtually no cars and only about a billion people. Since then
    the population has grown to 7 billion and hundreds of millions of cars with thousands of miles of roads.
    Roads never existed in the natural environment before, now they are everywhere.
    During the summer they heat up so all day long as the sun moves over the USA it is heating the roads,
    that heat may be only a degree to the total background temperature but I think that is all it needs.
    We have turned rainforests into cities, roads and farms so climate change is irreversible even if we all drive electric cars.
  12. Well the last time the planet got to 10 billion people, the Lord destroyed all but 8...
  13. I think the next time God destroys with fire he will leave about a billion,
    because Jesus rules over someone.
  14. In Revelation, the climate gets much hotter. :eek: There are not any grants to do research on how normal the climate is. Scientists must show how the extremes of weather endangers us all, so they can continue to receive funding. Until that changes, I will not believe their "educated" guesses. Industrial strength emphasis on the quotes on "educated".
  15. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I don't believe in global warning. Just wait until the grants run out.
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  16. Yeah, that could be the truth of it. The scientists of climate change get their funding from people who worship in the Climate Change Religion.

    And I wonder it comparing climate now to climate then is the appropriate comparison. If climate change is really the coming holocaust, seems like we should compare it to asteroid collision, Yellow Stone's eruption, magnetic pole switching, terrorists' nuclear bombs, or Cornpone's Disaster.

    I know about the serious concern about Cornpone’s Disaster because at my school we have a Sadie Hawkins Dance, and the School’s Principal comes dressed as General Cornpone.
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  17. Weather changes.
    Climate is measurable.

    We are coming out of a mini ice age. Of course it is getting warmer.

    It is not warmer though that when the Danes settled in Iceland or Greenland.

    Then there was a greater amount of arable land. Now not so much.

    Just cycles of the Earth. Humanity can adjust. Look at the India. People migrated north into Asia and lost the pigment they needed when near the equator. Then when they came back they were lighter in pigment.

    We adapt over time to whatever we need.

    God has put many systems into place to keep things going.
  18. "global warming" is proganda, nothing more.

    The Club of Rome was talking about using fear mongering about the weather as a tool to control the masses
    back in the 70s. If you take the long view of the weather cycles we are exactly where we should be weather wise.
    Which sadly means the western US is going to be hotter and drier for a long time. Say "so long" to California veggies.
    The East will be wetter and cooler :(. I hate cold winters.
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  19. I'm curious if it isn't a topic to obscure that governments are trying to manipulate the weather?
  20. Are you saying the governments manipulate the weather?

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