Clean And Unclean

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  1. Clean And Unclean

    Matthew 15:11

    11What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean,' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him 'unclean.

    Pretty powerful verse when we think about it and in order for us to really understand . Back in those days "Unclean "was referring to the law of Moses that what was taught that what people ate and touched could make them unclean and therefore unfit to worship God .

    The Jewish people tried to keep their relationship with God clean and pure by eating only foods that the law allowed .

    But Jesus said that what the people eat doesn't make them unclean . Rather it is what they think and say that does.
  2. If people really believed that they would't let their mind be a garbage can. And they would watch what they said. Actually what goes into your mind determines what comes out of your mouth. Think about it.
  3. Right on GodSpeaks and it's the old saying garbage in .... garbage out.

    Matthew 15:18
    But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man 'unclean.
  4. As far as what we may say some words don't sound as bad as others, but its what is in our heart that could be just as bad.
  5. Amen GodSpeaks .... God expects that we'll take care of our 'heart' - the part of our being that contains our true self - with special care,

    I would like to say that if we are keeping our" engine " clean just as we keep the engine of our car clean with oil changes periodically and general check ups , we need to do the same with our hearts., the engines of our body
  6. Garbage in, and Garbage out..............................

    I almost feel like I am being cheated out of a full meal here. I have finally concluded that I don't know everything and have to make constant changes to that Doctrine of mine. I just fell that more can be served with this Heart issue topic, like a big juicy chunk of meat I can meditate and chew on. We can make this a good old church Pot Luck.......... I'll add some chow to the table.


    God's Whole plan and purpose for your life is contained in your heart. It is already there. Your Heart (spirit man) needs filled with good things, the Word of God. To enable you to hear God apart from the World. If we don't allow the Word of God to be dominant in our Heart, then we can miss everything that God had planed for us. Millions already have and have spent most of their life, defeated.

    Pro 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

    Let me tell you, 29 Episodes of E.R where people died of disease and could not be saved crammed in your heart if YOU get the "EVIL REPORT" from the Doctor, that you "MAY" have those some type's of disease.


    You don't want a bazillion Shows of Forensic Science and Missing People stuck in your Heart when your Son or Daughter is 2 hours late getting home, and they won't answer their cell phone.

    Out of your heart are the issues of life. Junk in your heart, can greatly effect your ability to have confidence and faith in God.

    Your life, those under you and their life depend on What is in the abundance of Your heart!!! It's that serious and that real.

    So, after watching "Hack'em Till dead 12" and going to bed. What is the first thing you think is going to run through your mind, and come out your mouth if you are waken at 2:am to the sound of a back bedroom window breaking?
    Is it no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and the Angels of the Lord camp about me?
    or is it going to be "Oh my God, the Killer is in the house."

    What is in your heart my just decide if you see the sun tomorrow............

    Be blessed.

  7. LOL .... That's cute . Actually in our church we decided to call pot blessings instead of luck .

    As to the other and those stories , I don't watch much TV and when I do it is the food channel .... LOL .... or the news and of course I was stuck there for the Olympics. But yes you are absolutely right . If we guard our hearts and put good things into our spirit we will speak with kindness , have patience ,exercise love and be slow to anger. All of the fruits of the spirit will be evident in our life and we will not have to force them as they will come naturally .
  8. This verse was brought up at a faith meeting that my boyfriend and I were having with our priest recently. Father Tony spoke about how Jewish people were super focused on being ritually clean--- that's why they had to have all of those laws in order to be clean in God's eyes. But under the New Covenant with Jesus Christ, we focus our life on being spiritually clean instead of following rituals of cleanliness. I have friends who are Messianic and still follow the prescribed ways of living and I can understand why a person might choose that way of worship: if our bodies are clean, that's one less thing we focus on.

    I think that perhaps being spiritually clean is much harder than being ritually clean--- after sun down you were clean again, yet sin can't be undone like that. But at the same time, it allows us to have a deeper and richer relationship with God when we are spiritually clean.
  9. When I moved out of my parents' house, my sister and I decided to save money and not bother getting TV. By then I was often disgusted with what was on-- though I will admit I'm tempted to get tv again in order to watch the more educational channels (like History or Discovery). I found that just cutting out tv time, I was a less angry person--- it helped that I wasn't so focused on what was going on around the world. I found peace on focusing on my friends, family, and faith in God instead of worrying about what this or that person was doing. :)
  10. Angelic Rose
    Testimony speaks loudly!!!! Just doing natural studies, TV has a profound effect on how we feel and respond to things. Thank you for Sharing this, it blessed me.

    Dusty, I don't believe in luck. Once you pointed that out, I felt silly. No such thing as luck, everything happens for a reason. It has now been changed to "Pot Blessing" the new official term.

    Be Blessed Everyone.
  11. That's right . Thanks

    That brought to mind when I was in Israel and we went to several excavations and in many of the places there was the ritual cleansing area where the Jewish people had to wash and it was a separate place from the rest of the house.
  12. Hey that's the way we feel about it too . That's why it was changed and besides blessing sounds better anyways. .... :smiley90:
  13. You are so right . Those channels are nice and also the channels where they are helping people by re building their house etc.

    That's a very good point about being less angry . I think all these kids who come home from school and fill their minds with all that violence , eventually it affects their thinking and that is why we have so much crime and evil in our society today.

    Focusing on God , family and friends is what it is all about and we would have a more productive society if every one thought that way . Thanks
  14. I thought about this discussion while in Mass today. One of our readings comes from John 4:

    Very clearly we see that if a group of people are not filled with the Spirit, we clearly are not worshiping God as He wants.
  15. Amen Rose .... Beautiful

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