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    ...will be centered around the message of this little song~

    Though I don't consider myself to be musical, music has always had a profound
    effect on me, and was even used by the Holy Spirit in wooing me to Himself as a
    very young child. I remember not being able to get through 'Away in a Manger'
    without tears (sobbing tears).

    So, this year for Christmas a manger will be set up, music and games played to
    reinforce God's great love in humbling Himself to become a man, in the likeness
    of sinful flesh, that whosoever will receive His gift will become the righteousness
    of God, in Christ.

    A heart is never too young to be influenced for Our Great King. So much will be
    happening in my little grandchildren's lives to influence them toward the 'secular'
    version of Christmas.

    This nana is having a very merry Christmas!

    "There is a star" Lyrics:

    There is a star that will lead us to You
    Here in the dark we are searching for You

    Chorus 1
    And there as a baby You are
    Our hope in Your heart
    Hope in Your heart

    There as a child You lay
    Our life in Your hands
    Clutched in Your hands

    Verse 2
    There is a cross that will lead us to You
    Here, though we're lost, we are longing for You

    Verse 3
    There in the sky we will glory in You
    Cause here in our hearts we are bursting with You

    Chorus 2
    Cause there as a Savior you are
    With hope in Your heart
    Our hope in Your heart

    Here as our Savior You've come
    Our souls You have won
    Our lives You have won


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