Christian Rock & Roll, Hip Hop (or Rap)

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  1. Christian Rock & Roll, Hip Hop (or Rap)

    What are your views and opinions on Christian R&R and Hip Hop (or, Rap)?

    I know many approve of it, and I find nothing wrong with liking it...but the question comes to mind is it REALLY Christian?

    Anyone can call themselves a Christian, or do something and call it "Christian whatever", but is it really about God and such?

    I kind of have mixed views on this subject.

    I think it's a good way to get teenagers, etc, listening to something...but then I kind of differ from it once I get to that point.

    I just feel like its a bit too "worldly"?

    It's like having Disco-lights and techno/dance music going on in Church during service...and I've seen where they have strobe lights and such. And I'm not sure that's a good idea.

    Well, enough with my views, how about yours? :)

    Please move if needed.
  2. If you like that kind of music and the focus is on god, it's just as good as slow worship music.

    I rock out to Skillet. Toby Mac is cool too. I've never heard Christian rap or the like though.
  3. This is a question that I had when I was a kid, there was Stryper, Petra, Whiteheart. My parents didn't like any of it too well...
    I recently went to a TobyMac concert and it was LOUD! This got me to thinking about the answer to this question. Are the artists really giving all the glory to the one who created them with this talent? We don't know the condition of their heart-only they do. I firmly believe that they can minister to people through their talent, but they also MUST show themselves to be different from the secular artists. There seems to be a much bigger gray area than ever before...
  4. Two of my favorite bands are Punk Christian...One Bad Pig & Lust Control.

    Both are in your face Biblical with that punk sound. Reading the lyrics, you wouldn't ever think it was anything but Christian. Some people can't get past the sound of it...I happen to enjoy the upbeat fast pace, and unconventional beat...or lack thereof.

    What I don't like is music/lyrics that could be either way...Christian or secular. We're supposed to be different...not blend in.

    Too much has been made of the sound/style of music in the past. This is an arguement that only serves to divide us, and the enemy wins in these sad.
  5. I don't particularly like hip-hop, but I do listen to heavy metal Christan. lol. Skillet, Creed, Flyleaf, Switchfoot, Relient K... some of these bands are better than others. I don't feel that all Christian bands really bring home a deep enough message. Flyleaf and Creed are fantastic when it comes to lyrics. :)
  6. I agree smorse.
    I don't listen to much American music, but I do have to agree that it is LOUD. Like, your ears-fly-off loud.
    Sometimes, when we get into things like Rock, television, movies, and other things that could be considered sinful or worldly, we have to be careful about how much we begin to act like them. We have to figure out how to use this music to convey the Gospel to people, but keep God in mind and not get to big-headed with it. :D

    I never really listen to Punk...well, my cousin used to before she got into Techno. :rolleyes:

    I agree about the lyrics. You're lyrics don't have to nessecairly have God in ever sentence, but squeeze in the Christian part about it. It may not be evident at first, but maybe later on.
  7. Yeah, hip hop can be really annoying with those tacky beats. And they really sound like they're talking, not singing. :D

    I actually listen to Japanese Rock, since I like Japanese people, and most things Japanese. Lol @ myself.
  8. If it glorifies God then I see no problem.I cannot judge someones intent or heart by their volume or style. Even if the style is not for me but the lyrics are edifying then praise God and let it rip.
  9. depends for me with lyrics,if they send mixed messages i tend to rebuff the song and which spirit inspires it.
  10. Music can serve many purposes. It can be used for entertainment, praise, worship, to stir emotions. Music I listen to for entertainment, I would not like to hear in church as praise, even if the lyrics are changed.

    IMO, the reason to choose Christian beyond praise and worship is to ensure that the lyrics are clean, and not jumbled up with a bunch of filth.
  11. 1 mans song about his time with his women etc,could be misinterpretted by the masses as adverts the music affects people and there when people blame alcohol for violence at clubs etc,the music is influencing your mind set in a altered state,the mixture is a lab rat i can see this happening.being older now and a little wiser i question the spirit of all music.
  12. Yeah, I think it's more lyric wise than music wise.

    I know my grandmother mentioned to me that a lot of sublimal, hidden messages are used in a lot of things, I can suppose that goes for lyrics in songs. Even music videos or PV's (PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS).

  13. You guys know by now, I like to drive a point home with an example...the song below is from one of the punk bands I spoke of. They were not accepted by many in the church because of their appearance....but I like them better than groups who "fit " a certain image.​


    Deliverance is a gift
    That you can have tonight
    It doesn’t have to be a freak show
    ‘Cause darkness hates the light
    If you’re in defeat
    And all bound up in sin
    Jesus can set you free
    If you call out on Him

    Deliver me, Oh Jesus
    You help is what I need
    Lord, I repent
    And you set me free indeed

    Israel was a prisoner
    In the promised land
    Their enemies took over them
    And made them slaves again
    They turned away from God
    Enemy nations He sent in
    To chastise God’s people
    And bring ‘em back again

    Deliver us from our enemies
    Your help is what we need
    Lord, we turn to You
    And You set us free indeed

    Once you’re delivered
    Be sure ‘n’ quench your thirst
    Be filled with God’s Spirit
    Or the last’ll be worse than the first
    Church, we’re talking to you
    Spiritual Israel, the real Jew
    Open doors are open ground
    For the enemy to walk in and over you

    Deliver us from evil
    Your Sprit’s what I need
    We submit to You
    And You set us free indeed​

    This group was instrumental in making me think the way I do...when I would no longer listen to mom & dad, their lyrics kept me growing (even though I didn't realise it at the time:cool:)
  14. Back when I was younger, and going to church with my parents, I sang the same songs so many times, my mind would wander while singing them. And I would look at who wrote the music and the lyrics (some hymnals have that info in them) and sometimes, it had dates that they were written. Interestingly, most of these hymns were written in the 1800's, early 1900's.
    Now, jump forward to High School, Music Appreciation class. If my memory serves me, the artists that we call "classical" were sometimes reviled by their contemporaries for being "wild", "young people's music". "That's not real music!" And yet, today, they are considered classic. My parents did not appreciate the music I wanted to listen to, and THIER parents did not appreciate the music THEY wanted to listen to.
    Why am I saying all this? Many people dont appreciate the "new" music because it is different. It is not the traditional way of doing things.
    If the lyrics glorify God, encourage or convict Christians, what does it matter what it sounds like? Why do we cling to the old songs as if they were written back in the days of the first church? When actually, they are relatively new compared to the age of the church!
    The Word says to "Sing to the Lord a NEW song".
    If you like the traditional songs, wonderful. Have a good time.
    If you like the newer songs, wonderful. Have a good time.
    Its all about what "flavor" you like. What speaks to YOU? What moves your heart toward God? [​IMG]
  15. Indeed. The church organ that most traditionalists hold so dear was called the " devils bagpipes" when it was first introduced. Stuffy religious attitudes are a form of spiritual constipation. :eek:

  16. :D Never though of it quite THAT way! I may have to borrow it.
  17. I have young and middle age adults as my children and I have grandchildren who are young, middle school, high school, and college age. They are mostly all into the newer music. My take (very limited explanation here) is:

    If it is loud enough to do damage to your ears (check with ENT doctors :) ) then it is wrong because our bodies are the temple of God and we are not to intentionally damage them.

    If it smacks of the world - rock 'n rolling, etc., strobe lights, errieness, glitter and glamour - then it is probably wrong in that it is not glorifying God sufficiently to be truly glorifying to Him.

    If you can not understand the words while it is being sung, then it needs to be revamped in order to be understood. If the beat and music overshadows it, then that needs toning down so the message in words can be understood.

    Amazing GraIce is a beautiful song. But it, too, can be presented in such a way that it does not glorify God but glorifies the performer.

    I believe that music is the only "fine arts" that will be present in heaven. (At least that is my understanding) Now, if you believe the music you are listening to and singing can be sung before the Throne of God, then have at it.

    I prefer a different style and mode of music. And yes, I know a bit about the history of music and the reactions of different types during the different ages.
  18. I listen to 2 bands who are known to be Christian (I recently found out, I never knew haha) are SuperChick and Relient K.

    SuperChick is a band who actually sing about daily problems, like eatingdisorders, depression and whatever more and everytime God kinda helps them. I don't know, you just have to listen to them: - Superchick - chicago - Pop Punk / Rock / Hip Hop -
    I personally looooove Stand In the Rain, but I also like other songs of them that aren't on here, for example Beauty From Pain, Courage and Hero (Redpill remix).

    Relient K... I don't know much about them, but you might tak a look: - Relient K - CANTON, OHIO - Rock / Pop Punk / House -
    I like the song I Need You.

    Those bands are pretty "hip" and so now. They make music that kids like me listen to these days and that's good.

    You might like to go to YouTube to find more songs of them, especialy SuperChick, they're amazing! They even have a song called Help me out God (I think it was like that, not sure though.)
  19. WOOOOOWHOOOOO!!!! LOVE Superchick! Girl power Gods way!

    Be a lady, stand up for those who are hurting, love your self as God does, be courageous, be pure...don't show too much of your body, it's okay to least you tried, beauty is not on the outside of your's in your heart.

    I introduced my daughter to them....a healthy influence...and fun music!

    My favorite? Get Up

    "i'm not afraid to fall
    I've fallen many times
    they laughed when i fell down
    but i have dared to climb
    I'm not afraid to fall
    i know i'll fall again
    but i can win this in the end"

    I agree...the red pill remix of Hero is the best version they have...a very deep song.

    Ever see them in concert?
  20. No, I live in Holland and barely anybody knows them (Wouldn't be surprised if I and my bff are the only ones)...

    But I love the way they sing about subjects I can relate to you see, it's so like: "Hey... that could be me..." And it all turns out good and it's actually like realistic.

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