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    Hi guys,

    I've been looking for good educational websites online for a week now and didn't find anything good. My sister is busy working and her daughter Stacy gets homeschooled, and I help her out in the studies often. But I just finished college and am about to start working... :( so we are looking for a good online christian website if there is any. It doesn't have to be christian, I mean Stacy has got a lot of good morals and loves God so much. We believe our influence is more than enough.

    I did find a cool website that is coming out that I liked:

    <urls snipped by mod>

    but nothing other than that and the previous site opens in 2 months.

    Can anyone tell me of a good website that gets kids really into studying? Anything that already exists that's of good quality?????

    Thank you all, and please post me a link of the site you find.

  2. I am looking into it right now thanks :)

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