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  1. As a growing Christian, people annoy me. More than they should.
    I get stressed and angry and frustrated when I can't communicate. I basically don't know how. I thought I might be more tolerating but it's gone in the opposite direction. I feel riled.
    For the first time I'm vexed and feel it( I used to be numb to emotions)
    Just the other day, a supervisor who I used to shrugg off,at work annoyed me because she gaslighted me. She grilled me in front of everyone after a shift. I felt small . I was upset that she lied to look good in front of others....yet I need to work with her. It causes fear and I'm scared of going off the rails. I need to curb my temper.

    But I love my job, yet It's put a rift between us in my mind. I don't respect her but I don't like upsetting her either...
    So I toe the line... and I grit my teeth in the process.
    I thought christianity would help me be more submissive. It's going the other way.

    It's my belief People in authority should be more respectful and mature, .
    I remember a time when Elders were more easier to get along with. They came to work to do a job without the need to cause trouble. It was straight to the point and I felt safe.

    Brothers, sisters....
    I can't put up with her, but I can't not submit to her either. I'm loosing my tail between my legs. I thought christianity was about submitting to authority, outer authority, I'm new to Christs Authority...and I'm pretty torn

    Like Autumn Oddity said in her thread it's ideal to be alone. That's just how I feel, but that's just me. Christ is somewhere inside and don't know where


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  2. Oh and I almost forgot...
    I don't like getting people into trouble
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  3. I've read in the Holy Scriptures to be angry but don't miss the mark. I guess I need to be sure I'm sick of her.
    I'm pretty certain It's a stance.
    An eye to eye contact.
    Faith is the root that spells the difference between us.
    And in that space is Respect or Die.

    Waffles from Christs Seed
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  4. Via dolarossa ugh I can really relate to feeling like I'd rather isolate myself in situations where I know I'm prone to sin. And I commend you for coming to your brothers and sisters with it rather than trying to just hide it or deal with it quietly yourself. Try to cling to that as assurance that Christ is indeed working in your heart on this exact matter.

    I think an effective way I've found to deal with sin that I can't understand in myself is to look past the situation and into what in your heart you feel you're being robbed of that you might be clinging to instead of Christ.

    It also helps me to see the hurt behind the sin of others. Like why would she feel she has to lie and manipulate in order to be recognized? She probably feels threatened, inadequate, fragile. While you might respond to those feelings differently, I think we can all relate to feeling that way and kind of desperately grasping for salvation in response to it.

    Praying for you in this situation. Bless your seeking Christ's holiness and seeking to mortify your fleshly impulses.
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  5. Girl.... you have spoken what all of us have gone through at one time or another, and I have been struggling with also lately. About 15 years ago i was feeling the same feelings, but knowing I had to work and how much I enjoyed the children I was working with... I asked God what to do. I remember Him telling me to pray for her and ask for her to be blessed. Pretty soon all of my emotions turned around and she started to accept my ideas as well.

    Seems like in different ways I'm going through it all over again, but as I said in Autumn's thread it's forgiveness practice. Walking it by faith, every moment of every day. In the past I had trouble with hanging onto unforgiveness and it destroyed my life in many ways. Now I know that God is endeavoring to change this and make me unshakeable in this area of weakness.

    What I have found to help me a lot lately is to do a lot of praying in the spirit. And meditating on how much God loves me (1John, and John 17:23) In the following link, there are several free resources that are helping me also... (limitless love devotional, victory over anything package and choosing faith over fear... etc)... moderators note... some things are for sale and it does ask for your personal information.. but is a trustworthy site, and if your not desiring to give your information, or you dont trust it....dont click on it or choose to buy anything... (materials mentioned are only available for a limited time)

    Because we have made the decision to serve Christ... the enemy makes sure to harass us and put ungodly actions from others (believers or not) into our paths to make us stumble and tempt us to grab ahold of our old sinful ways, and the ways of the world that are his ways.

    In all reality it does get harder because the enemy hates our ability to connect with our Heavenly Father, and also the fact that we have stopped following his rules and ways... he also wants us to fail and give up our identity in Christ. If he can frustrate us... people will turn away nd Go back to the way they were before they received Christ. The enemy also hates the fact that if we find out what our authority is in Christ... he looses all control over us (which he only has what we give him anyway 1 Peter 5:8 )

    It's crucifying the flesh practice. And if we make the choice to use everything to make us stronger in Gods ways... well for me that helps me to keep pushing through.

    Love you... keep moving forward... Huggs

    Mat 5:11 — Mat 5:12 (NLT)
    11 “God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. 12 Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way.
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