China funding campaign to eliminate house churches

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  1. Wow, China has 70 million Christians? I love reading that, that means 70 million brothers and sisters in Christ. (Perhaps though not all of that sum are saved and that is just an estimate?)

  2. Yes, even if they have 70 million Christians some of them are saved and some are well...not.

    It's like in the United States. People say they are "Christians" but the majority of them don't really care...and the number that does gets pushed out the way.
  3. I do not agree with you assessment on this. In China you can be beaten, tortured, jailed and sometimes killed if you call yourself Christian so I do not think any take the name lightly. I have had the privilege of hearing one of the major leaders of the Chinese house church speak recently. He has been imprisoned just on suspicion of being Christian and though he spoke in the USA they did not use his real name even here. The harder they crack down the more the church disperses, the n more is disperses the more it spreads. You cannot stop the Word of God, just ask the Roman Empire.
  4. I know that B. I wasn't saying that that doesn't happen. Regardless of that, I do not understand whay you saw in my post?

    Also, when I meant "get pushed out the way" I meant that we are usually a lot more quiet, I suppose. I'm not really a loud and about person.
  5. sounds a good number to me.this life is meaningless anyways.the more the better,we shall all die in this life,some with grace others with nonsense.if you are straight it will not matter,christ is our salvation.
  6. The part I highlighted in red was the part I was disagreeing with. I respect your right to you opinion there I simply do not believe anyone who is not serious about Christ would take the risk.
  7. I was primarily talking about the U.S. NOT China.

    I still don't understand, but I won't bother myself over it. Whatever. :)
  8. Perhaps were are misunderstanding each other. Lets agree to love one another anyway.:)
  9. Yeah, I'm thinking so because I still am confused, tee hee.


    No hard feeling here


  10. :)
  11. Wow! 70 million. I never thought of that! *slaps head*

    I've always read that only a very small percentage of China is Christian, but the thing to remember is...there's over a billion people!

    Praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters...
  12. I was listening to a leader of the underground Church who was in the USA. He got saved, his father got saved and his grandfather got saved tracing their families walk with Christ back to the preaching ministry of Hudson Taylor a missionary who moved his whole family to China in the mid 1800's. He lost his wife and children to disease but kept on preaching there- though he has been dead for over one hundred years his gift of love to God and the Chinese people is still saving souls. At the time of his death he had planted somewhere around 200 "churches" sponsoring over 800 missionaries and over 125,000 converts to Christ.
    A seed was planted in Jesus Name over 150 years ago and it is still growing- what an awesome testimony.
  13. Nearer ... I think what Larry is trying to say is we cannot make a comparison between people saying they are Christian in the U. S. to people saying they are Christian in China .... because in China people are very sincere about their statis as a Christian. We need to take a lesson from them as they would die for professing their faith. They take their . Christianity very serious.Believe me ,I have a lot of chinese friends here and they have been to the underground churches. I attend a chinese group Bible Study in a home here.
  14. I know.

    I was not talking about China when I was making that comment. I am sure soon enough the U.S. will have their Christians doing underground churches. :D
  15. *Gets happy at the thought of having a big family in Christ*


    It just excites me. I had always dreamed of having a really large family, never a really small one, and not an only child, no! Definitely not. I'll have so many brothers and sisters to spend eternity with and play with. :)

    *Feels all warm and fuzzy inside*

    *Gives everyone lots of hugs*

    Keep in mind if China does not have a lot of Saints today, there are still many Saints throughout the past ages who we have not seen, but they are now a part of our family in Heaven, although they have gone on to be with GOD long ago. We will get to know everyone someday...

    1 Corinthians 3:12 -- For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
  16. Hey , I have a friend here that is already involved in house church. and I have a neibour who has house church in his home. We really do not know what our countries are going to face in the future.:(:(
  17. I know, Dusty. It'd be kind of scary to have to perform house churches in the U.S.
    But God is always here for us, isn't He? :D

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