Chains that Bind me (Try singing it)

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  1. Take away the chains that bind me
    Take away things not of You
    Let me live for You only
    Let Your will be all I do

    In this world I feel so lonely
    In this world that is so cruel
    I find comfort in You only
    I am lost apart from You

    Show me the road I am to travel
    Light the path that leads to You
    Hold me close so I don't wander
    Only You will see me through

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  2. Very good lyrics.
    I had no issue reading it, however I did have to concentrate hard reading it. Singing isn't my strong area; our Lord didn't bless me with harmonious vocal chords. :speechless:
  3. I think song of praise from the lips of those who love Him are a sweet fragrance to His nostrils ...
  4. Yes I think you're right.

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