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Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by thechristiansinglemother, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. I was looking in my app store but could seem to find an app for this forum... Is there an app? If not, will an app be available eventually?
  2. At the moment there is no app. Not sure of there will be one in the future. It will depend upon the owner of the site.

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  3. Hello thechristiansinglemother.
    This is something which many members may find useful; this decision is for CFS's Owner Jeffin.
    I have tagged him in this thread for his consideration. We have used Tapatalk but presented issues with running this software, therefore CFS is no longer Tapatalk supported. I can inform you that CFS is mobile compatible. :)
    Welcome to the forums by the way!
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  4. This is a very good question thechristiansinglemother.
    I hope there will be an app released one day, however as Cturtle has already said, this decision is for the site owner. :)
  5. An app would be neat, but with how customized this site becomes, it could be unmanageable with updates
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  6. Hi, we won't have an app until we have the resources to be able to create and manage it. The site is mobile friendly and we will improve on it as much as possible.
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  7. HA! I never realized it was mobile friendly! Thanks Jeffin! :)
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  8. I think it's why Jim and I have no issues with using our phones all the time.
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