Can I change my IP ?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Dusty, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. I don't know why its a problem for you to open a new account. I did that for my sister and dad and I think its from the same IP address. Do you want me to open up one for you and then send you a temporary password which you'll be able to change?
  2. What happened to your FB account Dusty..?


    How come your not able to open a new one...? There is no need for you to change your IP address to open a new account...

    What you need to do is open a new email address and then use that email address to open your new FB account. That should work..


  3. That would be an idea cause I tried to open up a new one and it keeps going back to the old address that the server closed. Then I would have to start all over with uploading my pictures and everything . Oh well , I really miss not being there.

    Thanks , if you can do that Jeff.
  4. Jake , I did that and gave my new email address and for some reason it kept going back to the old one that is closed.

    MSN ... won't let me back in either so I opened a yahoo messenger and actually like it a lot better.
  5. It sounds like your IP has been blocked. The only way around that would be to change providers. An alternative might be to create a new e-mail account (did someone suggest that already?) and try getting in that way. If the IP is blocked though it won't matter because nothing short of changing to a new provider with a new IP can fix that.
  6. Dusty,

    Here is a little more you can try...

    Go to CCleaner - Download to download ccleaner.

    1) Once its downloaded install the application, open it up and click on "Run Cleaner"

    2) Once its done close it down and restart your computer..

    3) Go to Welcome to Facebook | Facebook and don't worry if you still have the old email address in the box where it asks for your email..

    4) Little down below if should say sign up in blue letters..Enter your name and where it asks for your new email click there and type you new email address in...Fill in all the details and click on "sign up"..

    5) You might have to log back in your email to confirm your signup..

    6) Once thats done it should be fine..

    I don't think your IP address is blocked..That would only the be in the worst case scenario...

    Try all of the above first...

  7. Hi, when you can change your IP, the best way is use VPN service. I use this one for free. You can try it :)

    Hope, I help you
  8. If you want to change your IP, the easiest way is to reset your modem. That will generally do the trick. If not, log into your modem on it's internal Ip and hit "Release/Renew IP" and that should do it.

    However, I think Jake is right and what you have here is a session cookie issue. You have a cookie on your computer that logs you into your closed account. If you clear that out, you should be able to then avoid logging in and rather create a new account.

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