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  1. Calendar

    When I go to the calendar, it only shows Monday through Friday. No Saturday or Sunday.
  2. The weekends are going to cost you brother!!!!!!:eek::p:)
    Lat me pass that on to admin. Whenever you see upgrades you will generally find a few glitches.
  3. I thought the Sabbath rest was free. :eek:

    Incase it doesn’t get fixed soon, here it is for anyone in Minnesota or Wisconsin, or if you have a lot of time and don’t mind traveling. Everyone is welcome. I’ll leave the contact info out and put a link for the website with all the info. No bike? Just show up at the restaurant. :D

    Christian Motorcyclists Association MN Chapter CROSSROADS
    Saturday May 10
    Breakfast Ride to Taylors Falls
    CMA Event
    Location: Chisago House Restaurant ~361 Bench Street
    Taylor's Falls, Minnesota

    This annual breakfast ride to Taylors Falls is the oldest ongoing, CMA chapter-sponsored event in Minnesota. Each local chapter will plan their own ride to the Chisago House Restaurant. Meeting time is 9:15am at the restaurant!

    Following breakfast we will head to Osceola, WI for a 90 minute train ride aboard the Scenic Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway. The round trip goes to Marine on the St Croix through the scenic St Croix River Valley. Train departs 11 A.M. ALLLL ABOARRRD!

    Chapters may schedue their own ride to Taylors Falls or join up with CrossRoads Chapter. We will be riding from the Elk River Home Depot parking lot.
    * Meet at 7:00 and leave at 7:30 sharp - Rain or Shine!

    * If it's raining and you don't want to come on the bike, bring your car and we will caravan up there.

    Don't miss this event.

    Everyone welcome to ride & dine with us!

  4. I am sorry to tell you but Jesus made you a priest and a King. King's get no time off and priests have to work on the sabbath-:p:p:eek:

    Thanks for the link and the invite but I have broken far to many bones on motorbikes. Being as I do not heal as fast as I used to I have given them up. Still on a pretty day there is part of me that would love to ride.
  5. I'll have a look at this problem. :)
  6. I have broken bones in 6 places riding. I think I will stop before 7. When I was a young man I thought I was a world class road racer and did not care about living or dying- I paid a price. When I got older I rode safe but it seemed everyone around me wanted to run my poor motorcycle over. The only way I would ride now would be to move to the country away from these maniac drivers.:eek:
  7. Calender problem rectified.

  8. Ok… if I’m a priest and a king… Kings have a lot of power. A King tells someone what to do, and they do it.
    So… if the King part of me tells the priest part of me to take some time off…

    Oh… I think you know where I’m going with this one. :rolleyes::D
  9. Then we do not need the calender fixed- you wanted weekends off right your majesty?:D
  10. Just go get me a soda.
    And tell Whirlwind to come paint my toenails. :D
  11. I believe I will let you tell him that one!

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