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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by JG27_chili, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. hey Jeffin; is there a way we can make the threads in DATE order. It is kinda of jumbled right now. I know your working a lot on it right now but it is what I noticed. When ever we get a chance if it can be done that would be a great help. God Bless you Jeff and your new found friend.

    CFS ROCKS !!!!!!!

    Chili out. I still need red bro .....if ya want me

    Chili out :)
  2. Chili
    What do you mean they're jumbled? Mine are according to date. If you look at the top under that title of this thread, and then each post shows the date under it, within the thread.

    If you go to What's New, threads are listed on the extreme right side according to date of last post , the latest date and time at the top of the list.

    Now when I click on a thread, I have to go to the bottom to get to the last post. I don't know if we have a choice on that part like on the other site
  3. Once you click on a thread, there's a button under the thread title that takes you to your last unread post. Sometimes it seems like the forum automatically takes me to the last unread post, but it hasn't been consistent.

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